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   Chapter 23 Cute banter

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Updated: 2019-10-21 11:57

Singhania Mansion


Sanjana's POV:-

Ritesh Dhananjay is coming to my home for lunch. I mean I did not invite him personally, he kind of imposed it on me in a non-imposing way.

Only informing Akshay about it is left. Its morning so he is at home. I make way to his office and found him engrossed in some conference meeting.

"Yes, Sanjana?" He asks turning to me.

"I am sorry to disturb you but a businessman is coming for lunch. We had worked together on a project. So, is it okay with you?" I questions him.

"Yeah, sure. But who is he?" He asks while tapping away on his phone.

"Its......" I am about to reply when Alex barges in after knocking twice

"Sir, I am so sorry but this an emergency and requires your attention right away." He announces panting.

"Ok, I am gonna go." I mumbled and rushed out from there.

I make my way back to kitchen and finds Kirti Di and Milapriya Bhabhi cooking some food and engrossed in talking.

"What's cooking up between you two?" I asks them.

"We were just sharing our ideas regarding wedding shopping." Kirti Di replies.

"You have my full attention now. We gonna empty our wallets for this one and I am gonna buy a lot of heels." I gushes.

"Why our wallets? We gonna empty Akshay's wallet. Not that its gonna happen." Kirti Di tsked.

"And for heels as if you have any less." Milapriya bhabhi joked.

"Go ahead, laugh on me and my husband's expense." I grunted.

"Possessive much." They both awed and I just blushed on their teasing.

"By the way, how was your date yesterday?" Kirti Di asks.

"It was very good till Akshay decided to make fun of me and call 'Behenji'." I muttered twitching my nose.

"What Akshay made fun of you?" Milapriya bhabhi asks gasping and Kirti Di looks like she has gone in shock or something.

"Go figure." I snapped.

"What happened?" Milapriya Bhabhi excitedly asked and with that I launched my story.

"His behaviour shows that he is protective of you and that's such a good thing. Your relationship as husband

me with tears in her eyes.

"Thank You? Why?" I question frowning.

"For making Akshay- Akshay again." She cryptically replies.

"I did not understand." I muttered embarassed.

"Today, I have seen a true reflect of my Akshay not something he is doing to win a challenge or letting his guard down while being sick. I was not wrong when I selected you for him and I am proud of my decision." She kisses my head and left from there.

I myself is thinking that what was this? Akshay never behaves this way. Why do I feel this have a hidden motive?

I make my way to his office again to question him.

"What was that downstairs?" I questions him directly.

"What was what?" He feign innocence.

"You know exactly, what?" I mumbled irritated.

"I don't owe you a reply but I will answer you. I did not wanted my family to be worried about some insignificant Ritesh Dhananjay, so I distracted them a little." He responds coldly.

"Do you even know that you are giving a false hope to your Mum?" I questions while my head at his audacity.

"She should know that dead people never came back and that Akshay Singhania is dead and I don't want any disturbances. So, get out." He asserts while pointing toward the door.

I make my way to our room, thinking how many layers of him I have to unrave to solve a mystery that Akshay Singhania is.


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