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   Chapter 20 Meeting Akshay's acquaintances

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Singhania's Mansion


Sanjana's POV:

After meeting with Ritesh Dhananjay. I left for home as meeting was quite successful and we came to an agreement.

Today, I realised that I don't even know a thing about Akshay's past. When I had asked Milapriya bhabhi about Avantika, he has told me to ask from him only. So, today I am going to ask him.

Nivaana is still here. Yesterday, she was out with her other friends. And today, some of her friends are coming for dinner which aparently are Akshay's acquaintances as well.

Ma has asked me to make their visit a worthwhile. So, I decided to make some of the best delicacies of Italian cuisine. Antipastos, Stuffed Ravioli, cherry tomato salad in balsamic vinegar, Pasta and fruit palette.

I wore a black lace saree with modern red blouse with my hair left open messily. I came downstairs at around 19:50 o'clock and guests are scheduled to come at 20:00. Akshay has been already informed and still he is not here. Around 4 acquaintances of  Akshay's are coming with their partners. I will not take the liberity of calling them his friends.

Nivaana came downstairs decked in a dress from a couture house. Anyway, she was looking classy, elegant and sophisticated.

"Hey! Nivaana, you look stunning." I complemented her.

"Thanks. You too." She replied. I was about to leave for the kitchen to check the last minute details when she asked "Akshay, not here yet?" She questioned.

"No, might be stuck with some important work. I will give him a call." I answered.

"You check on the food. I will call him." She claimed.

"Ok." I shrugged and nodded. I check all the dishes and everything was perfect. I was arranging the cutlery on the table when doorbell rang. Akshay is here.

I left the kitchen and glanced toward clock before going for the door but Nivaana already beat me to it. She came with a couple in late 20s.

"Sanjana, this is Avinash and his wife Tejaswini. He is working as Executive Head in Graff Tech and his wife is a Professor." She introduced them.

"Hi, nice to meet you." I greeted them and asked them to take a seat.

"What you guys would like to have?" I asked.

"Preferably Coffee." Avinash replied for both of them.

"How you like your coffee?" I asked.

"I like strong coffee with m

on't know about him but my plans are ready and its a surprise." I gleefully replied.

"No need to be excited, I am not taking a dayoff for you." Akshay muttered sulkily.

"Well then I guess we have to celebrate in front of your whole office. I mean I don't have a problem with that." I said shrugging.

"Mrs. Singhania, you do know you are talking to Akshay Singhania."

"Yes and I am not scared of you." I haughtily replied.

"That's one of things I love about you." He muttered making me freeze.

He loves me being not afraid of him. Akshay and love in one sentence. I am not able to believe it.

"You guys are cute." Awed Tejaswini.

"Akshay and cute, not possible." I muttered.

"Are you challenging me Mrs. Singhania that I cannot be cute?" Asked Akshay.

"You can be anything but cute." I snarked. That's true. He and cute does not go along.

"Challenge accepted. Next week, same time, same guests and you are going to announce me as cutest of all." He replied and retired after exchanging pleasentaries.

The dinner was successful. I had witnessed a new side of Akshay. A less rigid side. I will not go to extent of him being playful. I guess he certainly has a fever from the way he behaved.

After retiring to bed, I checked him and I was right he did have a mild fever. I gently woke him up and fed him some medicines, along with giving him cold compresses throughout the night.

Around 4:00 in morning, I fell asleep sitting beside him hopping that when he wakes up, he is alright.


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