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   Chapter 19 Something is about to change

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Singhania Mansion


Sanjana's POV:

Tommorrow is Holi (an Indian festival of evoking spring, a festival of colours) and there is not even a single indication that the Singhania family is going to celebrate Holi.

Is not it a custom for rich families to throw Holi Party?

I have seen the news of extravagant parties thrown by most influential families of country. Akshay Singhania have a habit of being best at everything so why there is no arrangements or anything like that?

There is something which I am missing. Let us find out what it is?

I left the kitchen and came into living room where Ma Harsheen Chachi and Milapriya Bhabhi were having snack.

"Ma, Can I ask something from you?" I said after taking a seat.

"Yes Sanjana, poocho na (Ask away?)" She said while warmly smiling.

"Are we not going to have a Holi Party or celebrate it?" I asked.

"There will be no party but we will celebrate, there will be a small puja ( homage) and then we will celebrate Holi by applying Tilak to each other and you can make Gujiya (an Indian sweet) and Thandai (an Indian drink)."

"Ma, Why such a little celebration? Even back at home there used to be a extravagant party with music, bhaang, gulal and everything." I questioned.

"Well, your husband does not like all this drama." This time Milapriya bhabhi teasingly replied.

"What? Just because he does not like, whole family does not celebrate?" I question shocked.

"We do celebrate just not with extravaganzce and yes, we don't celebrate because he does not like to involve. He have done so much for whole family, we can sacrifice a little bit." Answered Harsheen Chachi.

He has indeed his family's trust, love and support with him in abundance.

"If he agrees, then can we celebrate in my style?" I asked after a bit.

"Yes, Of course. Make him agree to join in our celebration and we will all party but I am telling you, it is not gonna be easy to make him agree." Ma replied.

"Leave that on me Ma, this time we gonna have a big party for holi." I replied smiling.

Akshay is at his home office. So, I decided to talk to him. I knocked and entered when he permitted.

Alex, his secretary Jessica and one other man I did not recognise was with him.

"I am so sorry to disturb. I was not aware a meeting is going on. I am sorry. I will come later." I apologised and turned to left.

"Meeting is finished. Yes, you wanted something?" Akshay questioned without lifting his head from file while all other packed to leave.

"Yeah, I wanted your permission for something." I started with sweet talk.

"Granted." He muttered and kept readibg his file.

"But you did not even know for what I am taking your permision." I confusingly murmured.

"You want permission for Holi Celebration and you have it." He muttered a little annoyed.

"What you think Sanjana that I don't know what goes in my family?" He asked raising his brow when I did not answer he continued " I know why my family does not celebrate Holi because I don't like all this nuisance, they respect my wishes. I have never asked them to not celebrate. If they want they can."

"But they don't because they does not want to exclude you." I exclaimed.

"So, that's their choice. I did not compel them to do so." He replied.

"Even after they do so. I am just asking you to involve yourself with them in this celebration. Everyone will be very happy." I pleaded.

"Not gonna happen. If they want to celebrate they can, I don't stop anyone from doing what they want. And if they are stopping themselves out of some obligation or compassion they feel. Not my problem." He denied while asserting his reason.

"You are so cold and does not understand the emotions of your family." I angrily shouted at him. I have been polite with him but he does not understand even a thing.

"Yes Mrs. Singhania, probably you are right. I don't understand human emotions. But I do understand that my family is more happy to have a simple puja with me in it than a extravagant party without me." He

Announced unaffected by my callous attitude. But he does have a point.

"They do sacrifice their festival to have you included, so ca

n't you have your indulgence for their happiness?" I questioned.

"I can, but I am not gonna." He decisively replied.

"Why?" I asked frustated.

"Because, I am going out of country tommorrow morning for an important meeting." He replied.

"What? Why not anyone is informed?" I questioned.

"Because its improptu." He replied.

"Well, problem solved then. If you are not here than there is no chance of your exclusion and then we can celebrate." I excitingly announced.

"Sure, go ahead." He muttered.


"Mummy Ji, Mummy Ji!" I shouted in the living room finding her absent from there.

"Why are you shouting so much?" She questioned.

"Well, this time we can celebrate Holi and it will respect both family's sentiment and Akshay's wish." I gleefully announced.

"How?" She questioned.

"Ma, I have asked Akshay, he agrees that you all should celebrate and he have a important meeting abroad so, he will not be here. So, not a chance of him being exclude. And before you say what kind of logic is that. I have asked Akshay that if he would have been here would he get involved in celebration for our happiness and he agreed." I replied.

"Sanjana, do something and make him stay with us." Requested Ma.

"I will." I nodded determined.

I called Claire and asked her to forward me the contact details. I contacted the client and asked him to postpone the meeting. But he was so afraid of Akshay Singhania that he refused at first. I persuaded him somehow to make some family emergency and reschedule the meeting here in India day after tommorrow and asked him to inform Akshay in the morning itself.


Next Morning

I wake up with a smile on face and an angry Akshay but I feigned innocence and asked him to get ready for Holi party. He wore a light cream colour t-shirt and some blue lower.

I wore a old-plain cotton saree and rushed downstairs not waiting for His Highness.

I grabbed a handful of gulal and painted everyonce's face eagerly.

"Sanjana, control yourself you have whole day to colour everyone." Ma softly scolded me.

"Sorry." I cheekily replied.

By now, His Highness was also with us but without a speck of gulal on him.

I hid my coloured hands behind me and made my way towards him when I was in front of him, I acted as if I am tripping and my coloured hands smacked on his chest. Seeing my hand imprints on his shirt, he shouted "Sanjana, what nonsense is this?"

"Akshay, usse kyun daat rahe ho, koi janbujh kr thodi na kiya hain (Akshay, why are you scolding her, it was unintentional.)" Ma supported me.

"Your Daughter is not so innocent as she seems." He muttered glaring at me.

He came and stand near me and whisphered in my ear "I will take my revenge." And after left from there.

It was after party was on full swing. Even Akshay has shown his face for ten minutes and has allowed to put gulal on him.

Ma asked me to check on the refreshments. So, I made my way inside the mansion. When I was about to enter store room, I was abruptly pulled and pinned to the wall.

In fear, I closed my eyes and when I opened I found my husband gazing at me intensely.

"What did I tell you, Mrs. Singhania?" He whisphered while peppering feather like kisses on my neck which was gulal free much to his advantage.

"Ak..Akshay, Ma has asked me to check on the refreshments. Let me go." I breathlessly whisphered.

"No, do it later." He muttered while he continued his nibbling. My breathing was frantic now and my breasts were heaving up and down due to my intense breathing.

"Someone....come." I tried to form a sentence coherently but failed.

"Let them." By now his hands were caressing my curves.

"I want to kiss those lips of yours but I will not." He murmured more to himself.

"Will you not ask, why?" He asked caressing my waist with his one hand and other holding the nape of my neck.

"Why?" I breathlessly whisphered.

"Because, now for whole day you will only be thinking about my lips on yours." He murmured on my lips barely touching them and abruptly left from there leaving me wanting and breathless.

And he was right, whole day I was cursing him for leaving me hanging.


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