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   Chapter 17 Tackling Alex

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Singhania's Mansion


Sanjana's POV:

Its about time for Akshay to return from his business trip and I don't have a single clue on who stole Singhania Corporation's financial record and Why?

Every single lead from my office has come to a dead end. First, I thought it might be my Assitant but she was not invited to the engagement. And entering to the mention without an invitation was next to impossible because of the extra security line.

This lead to me in thinking that maybe the insider has somehow managed to get invitation but it was personally handled by Alex, so its not possible.

Then, how? I am still stuck on this how. What happens when financial records of a company are stolen?

There future investment plans, projects and biddings everything is in wrong hands.

This means that I can find out the suspect, if I come across any such dealings which are exactly the same as planned by Singhania's financial analysts and accountants.

I stormed from my room to Alex's office and knocked frantically. Alex has not gone on this trip with Akshay which is unusual because he almost all the time accompanies him. When a faint sound of come in was heard, I entered.

"Ma'am, you needed something?" He asked standing up from his chair.

"Call me Sanjana and please sit down." I said myself taking a seat.

"Where will I find a copy of the stolen financial records?" I asked after we were both settled.

"There is no such copy." He sighed and answered.

"Who are you trying to fool?- I asked him raising a brow like Akshay does when he wants to  intimidate someone (not that he needed to, as everyone is enough terrorized in front of him)- You are telling me that a multi-billion dollar corporation does not have a back up file of his fiancial records. Interesting." I said musing to myself.

"Sanjana, I don't have any information regarding this matter." He replied keeping his stoic face on.

"Your emotionless face is not gonna hide the fact that Akshay has ordered you not to let anyone have access to the backup." I said scoffing more to myself than him.

"No comments." He replied non-chalantly and get back to his work.

"I am not some media reporter for you to shoo away with No comments. Okay, why don't you ask him to let me have a copy?" I asked wiggling my brows at him.

"I am not letting you fire your shots using me and get burnt." He replied without even glancing at me.

"So, you are saying that you can't get y

" But it came out as a question and almost a whispher when I gazed into his angry eyes.

"What else have you done in my absence other than bribing my employee with date?" He gritted out.

Oh no! How the hell did he find out what is happening here sitting in America?


"Yes, You?"

Today, no one can save me from this devil. He is going to chew me alive. When suddenly my eyes fell on a devil more terrifying than Akshay.

"Aah!" I screamed and hugged Akshay out of fear.

Akshay's POV:

Sanjana screamed suddenly and hugged me thight in fear. I glanced around to see what has terrified her but found nothing.

"Sanjana, there is nothing here." I helplessly tried prying her clutches from myself.

By now, everyone was in kitchen.

"What happened?" "Why she shouted?" "Did something happen?" Everyone was shouting out their questions at me. "Did you do something to her?" And that was my Mum.

"Shutup!" I shouted and that when everyone calmed down but Sanjana was still sticking to me.

"Sanjana, what happened?" I asked calmly while rubbing her back. I pried her off myself and cupped her face, her cheeks gleaming with tears.

"What happened, Baby?" I asked.

"Ch-Chuha (Rat)." She whisphered.

"Seriously, Chuha?" I frustatedly shouted.

"Dramabaaz bahu!" Dadi taunted.

"Akshay, take her to you room, she seems to be on verge of fainting and Kirti I want that rat out of my house, now. Meri bahu ka kya haal ho gaya hain (Look at her Condition)." No guessing there that was my mother.

I scooped her in my arms and smirked to myself thinking that the strong, independent woman is afraid of Rat.


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