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   Chapter 16 Another Rival

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Singhania Corporation


Sanjana's POV:-

Akshay's secretary is giving me a tour of his office- only upper floor. It would be almost impossible to cover all the floors.

We are currently on the floor of Design- Singhania Automobiles. It is so different from all the working spaces I have seen. It was spacious, with bean bags and comfy chairs sprawled over. It was the only place in the company which was not formal at all.

Everybody was comfortably working but mine and Claire entry has gained attention.

"Why this special treatment to this department specifically ?" I questioned Claire.

"Because, we are favourites of Mr. Singhania." A tall, good looking woman dressed in a tight fitted jeans and top answered.

"Akshay does not do favourites." I answered her while forwarding my hand for introduction.

"Sanjana." I said while shaking my hand with her.

"Kanika Vashist - General Head, Design, Singhania Automibles, India." She said arrogantly emphasizing on her position.

I was about to give her a fitting reply when an arm snaked around my waist. I tensed at first but relaxed on identifying the familiar touch of my husband.

"Kanika, I see you have met my wife." Akshay said while adjusting me to his side.

"Wife?" She squeaked out surprised. All the colour draining from her face. I see, she have hots for my husband.

"Yes, wife. Why did she not informed

introduction was a success. I was introduced to the top most exexutives of the company personally and to employees virtually.

Singhania's Mansion, Mumbai.

I and Kirti came home at around 7:00 in evening. Akshay was not with us because he have to fly to States for an important meeting.

In that time, I took it upon myself to find who have stolen the financial records of Singhania Corporation.

I am in my room lying on my stomach and with my feet dangling in air. I was studying the intel of the stealing, trying to find out something which we would have missed during first discussion. Till now, I don't have any success.

I need to find out who did this and why? Tommorrow, I am gonna going to discreetly interview employees at my office and will try to find. Akshay has aksed me to not interfare as if I am gonna listen to him.

I hope it will not lead to something that will be harmful for us in long run.


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