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   Chapter 13 His Majesty

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Sanjana's POV:

After Akshay's order of tagging Kirti di with me. I was hell irritated with both Akshay and Kirti di. She was also not very cheerful about the same.

I don't have any personal problem with her, its her attitude that blows off things for me. I hate it when someone goes around parading I am always right.

I had tried reasoning with Akshay but he was not ready to listen. She is not a breastfeeding baby who needs babysitting.

Right now, I am in supermarket buying monthly groceries and obviously Miss. Kirti Singhania have to tag along with me on the order of His Highness, none other than The Royal Majesty Akshay Singhania. Note the Sarcasm.

"Kirti di, you go and have a fill of fruits for this week." I casually told Kirti di. She ignored me and continued roaming in the supermarket like a headless chicken.

"Listen, if you are forced to tag along, do something productive rather than waste time." I calmly told her but this seemed to irk her for no reason at all.

"I am not servant of your father, to be at your every whim."

This angered me. I had tolerated her enough. I have ignored her jibes, her insults and everything but not today. Who the hell is she to bring my Father in conversation without any fault and I have also noticed that despite having Masters in Business Administration from one of the best colleges of London, she does not work.

"You are." A frown was immediately formed on her forehead.

"What?" She shouted grabbing the attention of surrounding shoppers.

I did not wanted to create a scene, so I dragged her to the washroom stalls rather reluctantly.

Once inside, I told her to shut up. By now, she was fuming and was ready to bite my head of.

"Not of my father but of My Husband, may I add technically." I calmly told her.

" I am not saying this to insult you or anything but there was no other way to breach to you the reality of life. Today you are dependent on your brother, tommorrow on your husband. You are a modern educated woman than why are you wasting your education away?" I asked her. I tried to keep emotions out of my voice, like Akshay suggested.

But my move to accept his advice backfired on me.

"How callously you told me to be not dependent on my bro

stand how important it is to fight your battles.

I wiped away my tears. Akshay was just going after her, when I stopped him.

"Akshay, I want to work." He turned towards me and nodded.

"Tommorrow, be at office 09:00 a:m."

"Akshay, one more thing. Can you ask, sorry order, Sanjana to accompany me for first day?" I tried to add a little humour.

He smiled, came to me and hugged me.

"Ofcourse, I had already ordered her to accompany you till your wedding." And I groaned listening to that.

His every decision, has always been fruitful for me.

"Thank You." I whispered to him.

"It is my duty to protect you, to let you grow and learn Kirti. Never say thank you."


Akshay's POV:

I never had an intention to raise hand at Sanjana but I did know, it will make understand Kirti the importance of being able to fight for herself. In her previous marriage, she had let gone such things. Now, she will understood that how harmful can it be for her.

I knocked the room and enter. Sanjana was seating on the sofa and crying her heart out.

She is so sensitive yet so storng at same time. Whether she has to fight for her self respect or my mum's, she never back down. Whether it is a question of showing Dadi or me my place, she never backs down. And here she is crying for the pain someone close to her have endured.

"Sanjana.." I called out. She for a second glanced at me and then leapt out of her position and hugged me hard.

For the first time, my heart skipped a beat.


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