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   Chapter 10 Cute War

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Singhania Mansion



Sanjana's POV:

We all are returning to Mumbai and Dadi decided to tag along for whatever reasons that others were not able to decipher. Akshay was not happy with this development.

He has met with Kirti Di's boyfriend Ranvijay whom he had approved and their engagement was going to be held a week after, the date decided by Akshay himself.

Again, we were going by car instead of Akshay's jet and all the tantrums from Akshay did not deter Ma from her decision.

Now a grumpy Akshay and a chatterbox Avantika was not something which I would appreciate being with in a confined space.

"When will you be taking me for Mumbai tour?" Avantika asked while trailing her nail on Akshay's arm from backseat.

"I have much better work to do than to take you out and it will be better for you if you keep your furry paws off me, you bi...." He left the last word hanging.

After that she kept her hands to herself. I was wearing grey cotton shorts, white t-shirt and black flats. It was Ma who picked this outfit for me. If my Mom will see me in this, she will probably die from heart-attack.

When Avantika at a point of time was purposely leaning to show her cleavage Akshay put his hand on my bare thigh and started caressing.

The sensation of him touching me so intimately left me breathless and squirming in my seat. Avantika eyed his hand on my bare flesh with so much intensity as if she wanted to burn us both with her eyes.

Anyway, let's not think about that bi.... we were back in Mumbai by the evening. Everyone was tired after long journey and demanded an early dinner. I just made light club sandwhiches with cranberry-kiwi smoothie.

I was unpacking our luggage when Akshay came. He has changed into his sweatpants. I brought his dinner and placed it in front of him. He stared at it for a minute.

"This is what you call dinner?" He asked me sarcastically.

"Look Akshay, everyone wanted just light brunch so I made this. If you want something else I will make it for you." I tiredly told him.

"Yes, I want something else as I am quite hungry because I was not on a munching mission entire journey like someone. I want Bhindi masala." He taunted me but I just rolled my eyes at him. It was not like that I asked him not to eat.

Anyway I just made him his dinner and without waiting for him to fin

"Sanjana, do not irritate me. I have important meetings lined up unlike you." He snapped at me and placed me aside, lifting me up with his hands if I don't weigh a freaking 58 kgs.

And what the hell he meant by unlike you. For his kind information, I am also rejoining today. I tried to turn him around but that ripped pieces of muscles denied to move even by an inch.

"What?" He growled out. I noticed that his sexy and muscular back is in my sight and all my thoughts flew away. I just stared at his ripped back like a kid in candy store. I know my comparison sucks but who cares when you have an extraordinary fine speciemen standing in front of you.

Not finding me responding, Akshay growled and turned. I composed myself and sweetly smiled at him and he gave me a look which you give to roadside lunatics.

"Baby, I am also joining office today so I have also meetings lined up and guess who will be dropping me?" I questioned him with a satisfied look of cat who drank all milk and ate all cream.

"Who?" He asked confusedly. Oh my poor baby!

"You. Who else? " I replied to him while grinning from ear to ear.

"I am not dropping you. You can go by a bus or a damn taxi I don't care." He growled and resumed his dressing.

I just fakely checked my nails and replied "Ma's order." And with that I left to get ready for my day.

I realised that now I am not scared of Akshay because he is not that. unreasonable. He does not go around using his power to destroy anything and everything in way and he had just faked threatening me about my family.


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