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   Chapter 9 Awkward

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Singhania Haveli



Sanjana's POV:

After the night where he had seen me half naked, it has been awkward between us. Well I can not say for him as he is the same: cold, ruthless and arrogant. But I feel a little ashamed to go in front of him and this has made things between us just weird.

Today is the day Kuldevi Pooja is being held and I am advised to dress in the most heaviest clothes I own.

I decided to wear a maroon heavily embroided saree at borders. It goes with my fair skin tone.

The pooja was going to be held at temple in centre of village. As per Ma it was not very grandeur, it was a small temple with a school on its premises.

Everyone reached at the temple. Akshay and I were asked to perform havan (it is type of Indian ritual, where holy fire is offered with grains and ghee( butter).

We did the pooja and after that we visited the school. The headmaster informed us about the lack of funds. I expected Akshay to donate some money to school but he did not so I called my friend from IAS training who is posted in this part of Rajasthan to have a grant from government for the school as soon as possible.

We were driving back to the haveli but I was lost in my own thoughts if Akshay has so much extra money then why did not he donate a little to school? It's not like it will dent his bank balance. Then, why?

This question was eating me from inside. It would not be even a dent on his pocket, then why?

At haveli, I was cooking lunch when suddenly Ma came.

"Ma, you want something?" I asked her.

"No Sanjana, I am here just for water." She answered while pouring water in the jug.

"Ma, I want to ask you something i

ing me on my neck. This is definitely gonna leave a mark.

This made me scared out of my wits and I ran from there while frantically unlocking the door. The only sound that can be heard was of my heavy breathing in the corridor.

This man is dangerous for my health. The way he turned tables on me and used my words on me, truly justify how shrewd and manipulating he can be.

I am independent and smart but I am not foolish to fight just for my stupid ego against someone who is way too powerful to be defeated.

To win his heart if this devil has any I have to be myself and not let the stupid little thing irritate me.

I cannot change the way he is but I can improve some aspects of him and that way I will be able to ensure that in future we share a healthy relationship.

He does like to be challenged so that he can assert his dominance by wining. What if he is not given any challenge at all?

This will bring him out of his comfort zone and then will be when I will strike. I had to fulfill the promise I made to myself and for that I will do anything. I have to fulfill Ma's expectations as well.


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