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   Chapter 5 Ruthless Akshay

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Singhania Haveli




Sanjana's POV:

The Singhania's Haveli (small palace) at Devnagar has a vintage styled theme which seems to be refurbished shortly. It was a medium size haveli with around 7-8 rooms.

Akshay was still sleeping as he was quite tired after the flight. I poke his arm thrice after which he strirred a bit.

"Akshay, we have reached. "

"I am awake."

I exit the car and started moving toward the haveli door, when Milapriya bhabhi said "Sanjana, you are newly married woman till the time you are here you will have to cover your head."

With that said, I pulled the one end of my saree over my head. "Soory bhabhi, I thought you and Ma did not cover. I also don't have to cover."

"Its alright and be careful Akshay's dadi (grandma) is very strict when it comes to traditions."

"Ok, I will be careful and you need to enter the house with Akshay after aarti (an Indian ritual of welcoming). "

"Sure, bhabhi."

I glanced toward Akshay and he was still talking to Alex and his other bodyguards in the yard of the Haveli.

When he approached me he asked " Why are you standing here?"

"Actually, we need to enter in the house together after aarti."

"Bloody nonsense."

With that he stride toward the house furiously. I don't know what got him angered so much suddenly. But I followed him.

He started entering the house when Ma stopped him. There were around 21 members of the whole family standing and watching.

"Till aarti is not done, you are not allowed to enter in the house."

"You know, I don't believe in all this crap and to hell with the rituals. I am not gonna follow thes. So, are you allowing me to enter the house without all this shit or not?"


"Fine, then I and Mrs. Singhania are going to enter anyway." With that grabbed my hand and dragged me inside the house and all the family memebers watching him with their jaws open.

"Mrs. Singhania, my room is second on the right down the hallway and unpack my clothes."



Akshay's POV:

I asked Sanjana to leave the room because I need to warn everyone present here of the upcoming events. My grandmother and grandfather were not present here.

"Akshay, everytime you cannot get what you want. There are some traditions of the family - which you being a part of the family needs to follow."

"Look, you can lecture me all you want later but for now- everyone settle yourself. I need to discuss something important meanwhile Geetanjali bring me a glass of water."

Everyone was familiar with the way Akshay Singhania work so without questioning everyone settled themselves down.

Geetanjali came with a glass of water and he gulped it down.

"What I am going to say is of utmost importance, Ritesh Dhananjay is planning something big this time. You might have not noticed but we were being followed all the way from the Mumbai to here." As soon as it was announced, there was a pindrop silence.

"How can you be so sure it was him?" Ketan questioned me. I don't like people questioning my decisions.

"Are you questioning my judgement?" Akshay Singhania asked in the tone reserved for his business meetings.

"N-no b...."

"Leave it, I will satisfy your curiousity, the vehicles which were following every single one has false license plate and when I asked Ale

x to trace the owner of the car from their model number, it turns out it belonged to Tejwant Rana."

"How can you find out owner from model number?"

"Are you plain stupid or what?" Akshay criticised.

"It is common knowledge that the model number of the car is noted down by the seller in the bill, so its quite clear that the owner can be traced from model number." Sanjana responded.

"How much did you hear?" Akshay asks while thinking thank god, she has some brains and is not some stupid bimbo.

"Just his question, why?"

"None of your concern." He answered bluntly.


"We will continue it later and I don't want any tantrums especially from you Kirti otherwise I will deal with you in the same way I deal with incompetent employees."


Sanjana's POV:

So, Akshay does not want me to know whatever they were talking about. Fine, with me, we are not husband and wife in real sense. Again after wedding night and toady he has made it clear and I am not gonna let these obstacles hamper our relation.

"Sanjana let me introduce you to everyone. "

"Sure Ma."

After all the introductions were made, we all the bahus (daughter-in-laws) were asked to cook food for dinner as it was evening already.

We made chole-chawal, kaddu ki sabzi, poori, chapatis, jeera aloo with salad and raita (Indian Dishes)

"Geetanjali bhabhi, where is dadi (grandma) and dadu (grandfather) ?"

"They are gone to nearby village. They will be back tommorrow morning."


We served the food and like our home back in Mumbai, the chair for the head of family was occupied by Akshay. So, here also they have given him the position of head of family.

I know that what mummyji told me was not the complete reason, but whatever it may be I felt proud to be his wife.

He has that commanding aura and no-nonsense attitude which intimidates you but his actions are like that which compiles you to respect him.

The fear and respect makes a lethal combination. He is the one, you will think twice before opening your mouth in front of him.


Akshay's POV:

Alex has given me the file of my wife.

Full Name: Sanjana Akshay Singhania

Husband Name: Akshay Singhania

DOB: 04-07-1991 (24 years)

Blood Group: AB+ve

Profession: IAS officer 2012 batch

Bank Account Number: 5126XXXXXXXXX1256

Net Worth: 1.5 Crore

Properties Owned:

1. A plot of land 500 sq. feet in New Delhi(1.3 crores)

2. Skoda Karoq( 20 lakhs)

Educational Qualifications:

1. B.A(Hons. In Political Science and Geography)

2. M.Sc in Geography

So, my wife's name is Sanjana. Nice name it goes with my name.

I was not aware my wife is an IAS officer. Thank God, Mom has some decency to choose an educated woman with elite profession as my wife.

"Alex in my office in 2." I called him and asked him to come. I need to discuss all the security measures that has to be taken now that bastard is targeting my family.

This time he is going to pay because over the course of time I had amassed so much power and wealth that I am invincible.

Alex arrived within 2 minutes.

"Alex, I want you to assign 2 bodyguards for every member and 5 for Sanjana and Mom, keep 20 on standby and you and 16 with me." He nodded and I continued.

"I want you to find out, how he knows of my plans by tommorrow."


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