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   Chapter 3 Reality Slapped

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Post Wedding Rituals

Akshay and Sanjana's Room

Singhania Mansion


Sanjana's POV:

I am waiting for my husband in his room. This wait is itself magical. I cannot wait to talk to him, to see him and feel him. The room is beautifully decorated with fairy lights and rose petals. The theme of the room is black and red with minimal white. It was tastefully done. The hanging lights in the corner are giving the room a warm glow and rose petals on the bed are creating a romantic atmosphere.

My chain of thoughts was broken when my husband came in my room dressed in white full sleeved round neck shirt with its sleeves folded till elbows and light grey sweatpants.

"Mrs. Singhania, I need to clarify few things." He said formally. Okay, he can do his way. For now, I will listen to him.

"Please continue."

" I agreed to marry you only because of my mother. I do not believe in love so do not expect me to love you. You are my wife in eyes of my family and society only. I will fufill my duties as husband and I will expect the same from you. Am I clear?"

His words pierced my heart. How cruel can he be? His words brought tear to my eyes but I will not cry in front of him and  his mother has already told me what I was signing for and it was my decision to go with it. So, I will face all the consequences bravely.

"Yes, anything else?" I asked in a strong voice not wanting to show him the hurt and pain I was feeling.

"Pack my bags. I am leaving in morning for States. I am asking you because till now my mother and maids use to do it for me now I cannot ask her to do so."

"Akshay, you need not to clarify I am your wife whether you accept it or not. As your wife it is my duty to take care of you. It will be done. Now, Can I be excused?"

"Sure." He dismissed me. His talk was so formal. It was as if  he was not talking with his newly wedded wife but his employee.

I made my way towards bathroom after taking out my pajyamas. As soon as, I closed the door my tears started flowing non stop.

I am not gonna let myself and his mother down. She had trusted me with him. I am not going to let her trust go down the drain.

I composed my self and started removing my heavy jewellery. After that I let my hair out of bun and cleaned my makeup. I left the chura (bangels worn by bride) and mangalsutra (a chain which signifies the status of marriage). It is something which I cannot remove for 3 months. After that I changed in my pajyams. It was monochrome light skinpeach silk pyjamas which I absolutely adore for the comfort it provides.

After that I folded all my wedding dress and jewellery and placed it in cupboard. My husband does not like to share his walk-in- closet. His mother has renovated the room with two cupboards for my clothes.

While I was changing Akshay was busy working on his laptop. This man does not get tired or what. Today was the most hectic day of our lives or maybe not for him. He does not have to wear 10 kjs of clothes and jewellery for freaking 10 hours.

"Akshay, please get some rest as you have to wake up early for your morning flight."

"You sleep, I am left with some work I will sleep when it is finished."

"Good Night."


Morning 06:00

Next day

I am getting ready for the day. I has freshen up, showered, has wore my red saree with golden embroidery and my heels. My chura, mangalsutra and my sindoor (vermillion put on forehead by married Indian women) are my only jewellery.

I had left my hair open to get it dry. I packed Akshay's bags and wake him up.

"Akshay wake up, its already 7:00. Wake up otherwise you will get late." He did not even stir.

I touches his shouder and try to jolt him a little. It causes few droplets from my hair to fall on him which cause him to wake up.

"Good Morning, Akshay. I have packed your clothes and arranged your outfit for the day. I am going downstairs for making your breakfast till then you can get ready." He did not reply just grunted and left for the bathroom.

Since, all some of the relatives are still here and I am newly wedded I have to cover my head for few days.

Today, I will have to cook some sweet before making breakfast as it is a ritual. Before, that ritual I cannot enter the kitchen.

I only know about his mother's room. So I knocked on her room's door. His father opened the door. Everyone is still sleeping as it was quite hectic and everyone has slept after 3 in morning.

"Sanjana, you here this early in the morning. You needed something ?"

"Good Morning Papa, sorry to disturb you this early in the morning, Akshay's flight is at 08:00 so I have to make his breakfast and I can not do so because of pending ritual of Rasoi pujan(A ritual where newly wed bride has to cook something sweet). I thought to take help from Ma. "

"Good Morning, fair enough.

I will ask Neelanjla to help you."


I was reading newspaper when Mom came dressed in an elegant ivory and pink saree.

"Good Morning Ma, sorry to disturb you this early."

"Good Morning, don't worry this is the last day of my work. From now on only you have to take care of him."

"Yes absolutely, when will be rasoi pujan?."

"It is scheduled at 10:00. I will get his breakfast ready asap."

"Sure, What are Akshay's favourites?"

"He is a little choosy when it comes to foodbut bhindi masala, paneer- pyaaz ke parathe, dahi bhindi, bharava baigan, rajma chawal pasand and biryani(all indian dishes). "

"Except biryani I can cook everything. Will you teach me how to cook biryani? "

"Ofcourse, your husband needs biryani twice a month and I get tired easily nowadays. You will have to take care of his needs ."

Our talks were interrupted by Akshay decked in navy blue suit, rolex watch, platinum cuff links and his silver tie in his hand, he was looking dashing. My husband sure is handsome.

"Good Morning, Mama." He wished her and kissed her cheek.

"Good Morning, beta(son). "

"Why are you cooking? Is it not her job now?" He said while pointing with his chin towards me.

"Its because rasoi pujan is not performed yet. After its done then she will be cooking for you and home, its her responsiblity now."

"Mama, here tie my tie."

"Sanjana, tie your husband's tie."

"Why she and why not you?"

"What you mean why she and why not me, I am your mother not your personal assistant and from now on don't come with me for your tie."


I took his tie from him and tied it in a perfect knot. He is tall even in my 4-inch heels, I had to stand on my tiptoes for circling it around his neck.


I set the table for his breakfast and served him.

He was having his breakfast and Ma and I were talking on random topics, when we were interrupted by a man dressed like bodyguard.

"Sir, your luggage has been loaded and jet is on standby we can leave whenever you wish."

"We leave in 15 minutes."

"Alex, let me introduce you to your boss' wife: Sanjana meet Alex Jameson, Chief Security Officer, Singhania Empire." Ma introduce us.

"Good Morning Ma'am, nice to meet you."

"Good Morning Alex, nice to meet you too and please call me Sanjana."

"Sure, Sanjana."

"Alex, if you are done. I would like to leave now."

"Sorry Sir, sure."

"Bye Mama and bye." With that he left.

"Sanjana you go and rest, when it will be time for rasoi pujan I will send Kirti to fetch you and Sanjana remember to wear some jewellery."

" Sure, Ma. "


10:00 o'clock

When I came downstairs for rasoi pujan, there were atleats 20 guests except family members. I had wore a light weight diamond and ruby necklace with matching earrings as per Ma's instructions.

I greeted elders by touching their feet.

"Sanjana, what you will make?"

"Ma, I was thinking to make Sooji ka halwa (an Indian dish), everyone will like and it takes less time."

"No one has have breakfast yet so you will have to cook it as well."

"Sure MA" With that she left the kitchen.

I made grilled cheese veggies sandwhiches, aloo ke parathe(stuffed bread with potatoes) with schzewan chutney fresh orange juice and sooji ka halwa for breakfast.

I set the table for breakfast and call everyone out. Everyone settled themselves while I and bhabhi served.

Suddenly, Harsheen Chachi(Aunt) asked "Neelanjla, where is Akshay, have not seen him yet?"

"Harsheen, he has important meetings that's why he have to fly to States."

"He has just got married yesterday and has already left his wife." Commented Harsheen chachi' sister.

"Meeting was important that's why he is gone otherwise he would have been here only."

"Neelanjla, he is your beloved son so you will take his side. He is now owner of biggest empire in the world obviously arrogance is a part and parcel." Her statement made my blood boil but I controlled it.

"Chachi, I am sorry you have no right to interfare and indulge without knowing everything. Akshay has gone because he had important work and the meeting was scheduled before the date of our marriage was fixed so it will be appreciated if you keep your taunts to yourself and when it comes to arrogance, he must have a little because it is not easy to achieve what he has but he is not arrogant just like do his work with full dedication that's why is not able to present in every unnecessary social functions." I answered her politely.

"Neelanjla, make your daughter-in law understand that she needs to control her voice."

"You need to understand this, not Sanjana." The reply Ma gave them shut their mouth.

With that she handed me a packet of Shagun(a kind of gift) and left with Papa. Everyone praised the food and left for their respective rooms.


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