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   Chapter 2 Whirlwind Wedding

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Singhania House

New Mumbai


Akshay Singhania - The business machine, recieved a phone call from his mother and she was sprouting some nonsense about meeting his potential bride. As long as she does not stretch the issue to marriage its fine. If she wants she can scrouge every single woman on planet till she does not ask him to meet her everything is fine.

After ending the call, his secretary entered the room and informed him of his upcoming meeting with Mr. Rehman Abdulla- Owner of Rehman Oil Inc.- one of the biggest oil field in Dubai.

Akshay owns many oilfields in Arab Countries but till now Dubai was only restricted to construction, hotels & resorts, finance, advertisement & manufacturing. He wants Singhania Oil to be untouchable, so he needs to acquire this deal.

When you are rich everyone scamper around you like bees on honey and this is what he enjoy. It is totally opposite when you are poor. It is a lesson which he has earned very early in life. When everyone follows his order in a blink of eye- it gives him a sense of power and he thrives on the same. He does not care whether it is out of fear or respect.

His secretary again reminded him of his meeting. He would have fired her if she was not so good at her work.


Meeting Room

Singhania House

All the other interested buyers in the oilfield had decided to negotiate at Singhania House.

Everyone present there was aware that it will be Akshay Singhania buying it but they just want to try it for their self- esteem. Some older businessmen were not able to digest their defeat in previous bids.

All were waiting for THE AKSHAY SINGHANIA and he did arrive in all his glory followed by his secretary, security chief and CFO- Singhania oil. Akshay Singhania was way too good looking with hieght of above 6", silver eyes, aristocratic nose, high cheekbones and razor sharp jaw. He was what you call the epitome of beauty.

Without greeting anyone he sat on the head of table and signalled his secretary to start the meeting.

The best priced offer till now was $700 million dollars and when it came to him - he stated $250 million dollars.

Seeing the shocked faces of all the delegates he generously offered an explanation. "I am not finished yet. -directly addressing Rehman- I will let you have 20% ownership for upcoming 2 years. 20% ownership means a significant part in profit of Singhania Oil, what say, Rehman?"

Akshay was aware he did not want to sell full field as he wants to retain some shares in his family legacy.

"Yes, I agree. In 2 years if I managed to buyback it from you at future market price will you give it back to me?"

"If then, yes."

Bloody fool businessmen blinded by emotions, this idiot does not even know that 20% shares will only fetch him $200 million dollars of profit in 2 years and thus making him being unable to buy it from him.

Once something is his: he does not lose it at any cost. His 20% shares will be acquired at the end of 2 years by Akshay that was given.


Sanjana's POV:

It has only been 15 hours since my mother has dropped the bomb of my marriage and now they are taking me to meet his family. As per his mother, he is not gonna be present because of his important meetings.

We are at Singhania Grand waiting for their arrival. I am dressed in a beautiful monochrome red and white salwar-suit (an Indian outfit). My hair is in side fishtail braid. I love traditional clothes. Its not that I has a problem with modern clothes, infact I wear western outfits most of the time but there are few ocassions when I get the opportunity to dress in traditional and I cherish it. My mother has already given me lecture to wear traditional clothes, i.e, saree after marriage.

I do agree with her but I am not gonna do it for office. I am going to balance- at home sarees and at office my business suits, pencil skirts, formal pants and stitellos. Heels are something which are an evergreen part of my wardrobe. I wear heels most of the time 4- inches. So, I am very comfortable in it. I hope my to be husband to be tall at least 5'11, so that when I wear heels I do not surpass him. If he is not our photos are going to look like that of Tom Cruis

e and Nicole Kidman. I shudder at the thought.

Kavya slapped my hand indicating that I am lost in train of my thoughts and our guests have arrived.

"Good Evening, Ma'am." I greeted Neelanjla Singhania.

"Good evening, call me Aunty for now. Let me introduce you to my daughter Kirti, my eleder son Ketan and his wife Milapriya, my sister-in-law Harsheen, her son and daughter in law Tanmay and Khusali." She at once was finished with

"Evening." I greeted them all as we all settled ourselves and after sometime the question answer round started.

"Sanjana, what about your qualifications?" Ketan was the first to question.

"I graduated from DU(Delhi University) after that I cleared UPSC in first attempt hence during the my masters was done online."

"Impressive, where are you posted right now?" Commented Kirti and asked.

"Thank you, in Jodhpur."

"Are you aware that if everyone agrees for your and Akshay's alliance you will have to apply for the transfer."

"Yes, I am aware of that."

"Do you know how to cook food and handle household works?" Akshay's aunt questioned.

"Yes, I can cook indian, mexican and Italian. I can also handle household works quite efficiently." I replied confidently

"Wow, that's awesome. These all are favourites of Akshay." Neelanjla Aunty exclaimed and I blushed.

"When can we meet, Mr. Singhania?"asked my mum.

"Address him as Akshay and you can come to Mumbai and meet him there." Aunty responded.

"Yes, that will be absolutely perfect." My Dad agreed.

"Lata, It is yes from our side and you are left to decide. If it will be a yes from your side then let me warn you- the wedding will take place as soon as possible."

"It is last marriage of our house and I am thinking to do it on a large scale." My mother voiced her opinion.

"Mama, I would prefer a close knit ceremony." I butted in.

"My daughter-in-law has spoken and the same will happen."

"Ok, then close knit ceremony it is." My mother gave in.

"It will be alright if Kavaya and Sid come to Mumbai tommorrow?" My Dad asks.

"Yes, that will be great. "

"Tej, if you don't have any problem I would like to talk to Sanjana alone?" Nilanjla Aunty asks.

"Sure, no problem at all."

"Sanjana, let's go to pool side." And with that we headed for the pool.

"Sanjana, you can call me mom now - as it is yes from our side."

"Will definitely call you mom when mine and Akshay's alliance will be confirmed."

"Sanjana, listen to me carefully then decide after analyzing thoroughly." I nodded at her in consent and asked her to continue.

"Akshay is very personal does not share his problems. He had a girlfriend earlier. I don't know the cause of the breakup but it had a bad impact on Akshay it left him what he is today : cold, rude, emotionless and ruthless. I am telling you all this because I know you are strong and will be able to handle him."


"Sanjana, decide after a thorough analysis because it is a question of your life."

"Sure." I muttered distractedly.


Siddhanket and Kavya left for the Mumbai very next day and liked the house and people. They has so much money - I mean their son has so much many yet they are so down to earth.

Siddhanket found Akshay very straight-forward that some people may find rude but he was honest and not very much spoken. He only speaks when he found it necessary.

During this time Akshay's mother has done the drama of being ill and not eating food till her son agrees to marry.

At last, Akshay has to agree and it was decided that they will get marry after a week in Singhania Grand, Delhi. Their engagement was done on the very same day both Sanjana and Akshay agreed.

After a week, they were wedded in a very close knit ceremony in presence of friends and family.

Neelanjla Singhania was able to approve Sanjana's immediate transfer to Mumbai through her contacts.


Sanjana's POV:

Now, here I am sitting in the car with my newly wedded husband. We had not even spoken a word but when he filled my partition and tied mangalsutra around my neck I fell in love with him and I promised myself that I will fulfill all my vows and will not surrender to defeat till last.


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