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   Chapter 4 In a relationship with a soldier

Destined For You By Mystical Nymph Characters: 5808

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A day before Harry's birthday, Stephanie excitedly sent what she prepared for him. She was laying down on her bed that early morning. She really intended to sent it ahead of time before she starts working.

She got up from her bed and washed her face before she started working.

Even if she was working, a part of her mind was thinking of what will be Harry's reaction.

Inside the campsite, Harry was training his battalions when his phone vibrated. With a furrowed eyebrows, he took out his phone on his pocket and read the message. He was delighted to know that the message came from Stephanie. He opened the video clip and he felt the urge to call her but it wasn't the right time. He has a lot of documents needed his attention the most for his work.

I'll call her later on after the training session. She really surprised me today. He attention. He bowed his head. His eyes were focused on the papers he was scanning at a while ago.

Meanwhile, Stephanie was also busy with her work that she never touched her phone the entire afternoon. She felt exhausted when night time came. She wondered if Harry sent her a message or called when she was working. She reached out her phone and scanned it but to her dismay, there was nothing to look at.

She pouted her lips and felt sad. Her mind was debating with what her heart was telling her to do.

Should I wait for him to call or message me first? Or shall I be the one to reach out to him first? I don't want him to think that I'm a cheap woman. What should I do? She said to herself.

She kept staring at her phone. Luckily, her patient slept early today, giving her enough time to spent in using her phone. She decided to wait for a while if Harry will message her or call instead.

On the other hand, Harry was still in his office. He felt his head was aching because of his fully loaded work today. He realized later that it was already night time when he accidentally looked at his watch. He decided to take the documents home and worked on it there.

Then, he suddenly remembered that he was supposed to call Stephanie. He tapped his phone and called Stephanie thru video call.

A ringing of her phone, Stephanie hurriedly answered the call.

" Hi, sweetie! Thanks for the video you sent me. How was your day?" Harry said casually but his eyes showed his affection for her.

When Stephanie saw Harry's figure on the video, she felt a little bit shy yet excited.

" It was fine. I finished all my work early today. How about you?" She answered.

" It was a busy day as usual for me, baby. I hope I didn't make you sad when I didn't sent you any message or even called you the entire day." Harry said seriously. He felt he needed to apologize to her.

" Why are you so apologetic, sweetheart? I knew from the start when I entered this kind of relationship with a soldier, I knew the consequences already and I

knew what to expect from you. I love you and I'll be patient if necessary." She said sincerely to him. Not only to comfort him but to assure him also that she will remain loyal and patient to him.

Hearing her reassurance, Harry felt more guilty yet proud to have such kind of woman beside him.

" I love you so much more for being so considerate, Baby. I swear that I will never break your heart and that I will be faithful to you forever, my love." He said in a very honest way possible.

" I'll remember your promise, sweetheart." Stephanie was glad to hear his vow to her. She blushed at the words coming from her mouth. Her cheeks turned red.

Seeing her blushed shyly, Harry found it cute. His eyes glittered more with amusement on her reaction.

" If I will have time tomorrow, I will come in your employer's house to visit you. Is it okay, Baby?" He asked politely.

" It's okay but I would rather spent some time with you on my day off. I don't want to let my employers know that I'm letting someone to come in and out of my patient's house without their permission, sweetheart." Stephanie said in a sad face.

Indeed! She has a point there. That would really be troublesome for her if he goes there every time he wants to be with her. Harry thought. Then an idea popped into his mind.

" Honey, I understand what you want to imply. Therefore, I'll have to endure my desire to hold you then. I'll have to wait for your day offs probably." He said with disappointment.

Stephanie looked at his handsome face and wanted to touch him but all she could do was to watch his image on her phone.

" I'm so sorry that it has to be like this, sweetheart. I really would love to be with you too but there are some things that we can't control. But i promise to visit you on your campsite someday. " She said. Her heart sank in sadness too.

" Yes! I'll try my best to communicate with you more from now on, Baby. I love you, Stephanie. I never knew that I will be able to love again like this." Harry was being so romantic now. A side of him that only Stephanie knew because in the army, Harry was like a stone cold person.

The night was getting deeper and deeper but the two of them kept chatting until their eyes began to feel the need to rest as well.

" Honey, I hate to bid farewell for now but it seems my eyes are dropping out." Harry said feeling the heaviness of his eyelids.

Stephanie smiled and felt the same. " Let's go to sleep, sweetheart! We both need a lot of energy for our work tomorrow. "

Harry nodded. " Okay, my love. Good night! I love you!"

Hearing his sweet endearment, Stephanie felt like giggling inside." I love you too! Good night, sweetheart!"

It was already dawn when they both turned off their phones and laid down their bodies on their individual beds. They both had smiles on their faces and they slept peacefully that night.

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