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   Chapter 3 A special gift

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Busy as ever inside the headquarter, Harry wondered why Stephanie hadn't text him yet since they met yesterday. Maybe she is busy in her own work. He thought. His eyes was distracted by his mobile phone near him.

He felt uneasy not knowing what happened to her. The image of Stephanie kept flashing in his mind. He took his mobile phone and tapped on the screen.

" Hi!" He typed and send it to Stephanie's number.

He was expecting that Stephanie would try to communicate with him even if it was just a mere greeting.

On the other side, Stephanie was indeed very busy cleaning her patient's house. Her hair looked like a mess. Her clothes was crumpled and dirty. She noticed her phone vibrating and she stopped what she was doing for a while.

She took her phone and opened her inbox.

There was a message sent by Harry. Looking at the sender's name made her smile. Her exhaustion fade away as soon as she have seen his message.

" Hello!" She replied back.

With full of anticipation, Harry instantly opened the message and he felt happier now that the girl whom he was thinking of about replied back to him immediately.

" How are you today?" Trying his best to come up with a simple conversation.

" I'm fine. I was just so busy lately that I had not yet message you for a while." Stephanie sent back as a reply to him." How about you?"

" As usual...I'm always loaded with work but my mind was preoccupied because I was thinking of you. Sorry but I can't hide my feelings for you anymore. I was wondering if I could court you?" Harry said straight forward into his reply towards her.

Stephanie was dumbfounded by what she had read. She thought for a while if she should allow herself to be courted by him. She had a very bad experience in having a relationship with her first husband. Luckily, she had overcome that event of her life.

I guess there's no harm if I let myself be courted. In that way, I may be able to know him more. She thought. She sighed deeply before replying back to him.

" If you are serious in courting me, you should prove yourself then. I don't like being courted through text. I want the real thing." She replied.

Upon reading what she has sent to him, Harry was delighted. " I understand what you mean and I'm willing to do it in my own way. " He replied back.

Stephanie didn't waited long enough for his reply. She was aware that Harry is a general army officer and that he may have less opportunity to communicate with her if he insisted on courting her. She also had learned from their first meeting that he was widowed and had a son aged 10 years old.

" If you say so...." She responded with a simple but meaningful words to him.

Harry was even more eager to showcase his ability in courting her. As they say, distance is not a hindrance in love. He is willing to do every means to get her heart and trust.

" Thank you for giving me the opportunity to court you. I may have less opportunity to communicate with you but I will do my best to show you how much I care and love you." He responded.

" Words are not enough to prove yourself to me. As they say, action speaks louder than words. Proof is what I needed." Stephanie replied back with a more meaningful message.

Harry wasn't discouraged by how she responded with sarcasm. He even liked the way how honest and straightforward she was. " I will...." He replied.

Looking at his response to her, Stephanie smiled. She was challenged to know how far this man can prove himself to her. Unfortunately she wasn't able to reply back to him when she heard a voice calling her name.

" Stephanie! Stephanie! Where are you?" An old man's voice calling her name out loud.

" Akong, I'm coming!" Stephanie shouted out loud because she was on the 2nd floor of the house cleaning the rooms there. She picked up her phone and put it on her pocket before she immediately went downstairs where her patient was.

" What can I do for you, Akong?" She said while gasping for air because she ran quickly as she could when her patient wanted her assistance.

" It's time for cooking lunch. Aren't you going to feed me?" Her patient said angrily.

Stephanie was startled by the sudden change of mood of her patient. She calmed herself before she responded to his demand.

" I will cook now, Akong. Sorry! Please wait for a minute!" She said with a feeling of being irritated on how the old man spoke to her.

" Go then!" The old man commanded her.

Rushing into the kitchen, Stephanie mumbled as she was preparing the vegetables that she will cook. Her irritability was shown all over her face as she cut, washed the vegetables until she had finally cooked the three dishes in 15 minutes time. She was perspiring as she quickly prepared all the dishes infront of her patient.

" Please help yourself, Akong. I'm going to clean the kitchen first before I join you in eating lunch. Excuse me for a bit!" She said frankly.

The old man nodded with discontent and proceeded on eating his lunch.

Meanwhile, Harry was still waiting for her respond at that moment but when it took her 30 minutes long in not responding to him. He presumed that she was working and that's the reason why she wasn't able to reply back at him.

He continued his work but his mind was still half impatient and alert, waiting for her reply.

It was already past twelve in the afternoon when Stephanie finished eating and washing the dishes. Her patient was lying down on his bed after he had eaten his lunch. That's the routine of her patient.

She can finally take a rest while sitting near the door and watching the old man on his bed. She held her phone and replied to Harry.

" Have you taken you're lunch? I'm sorry if took me too long before chatting with you again." She said apologetically.

Unfortunately, Harry didn't responded back to her because he was busy discussing some issues to his superiors.

Time flies fast like a speed of light and soon it was night time but there was still no response coming from him. Stephanie got impatient and forwarded another message to him.

" I know you are busy. Just message me back when you're

free. Good night!" She said on her message. She was saddened that she wasn't able to chat with him much because of their individual work. She laid down on her bed and put her phone near her head.

She was about to go to sleep when she got a message from him. She smiled happily knowing that he responded to her immediately before she could go to sleep.

" I'm sorry if I haven't message you sooner. I had a meeting with my superiors and there was a lot of things that needed my full attention in my work a while ago but now, I'm free to be with you. I miss you, Honey! Can I please call you on video?" Harry replied.

As soon as she read his message, Stephanie hurriedly open the light on her room and fixed herself. He made her feel anxious on how she looks that's why she looked herself in the mirror before replying back to him.

She was thrilled when he saw a message coming from him and excited to see him on video.

" You don't have to apologize because I know how busy you are. But to be honest, I'm really grateful that you made an effort to contact me. Yes, you may call me on video." She responded and waited for him to call.

When her phone rang, she patted her cheeks first to calm herself. Her eyes were glowing as she eagerly answered his call.

An image of a handsome man appeared on her phone screen. He was wearing a charming smiled that any woman would easily be enchanted by it.

" Hi, honey! I miss you! How was your day?" Harry asked with a husky voice.

Looking at the man on the video, Stephanie felt shy but she pursued on what they started. Her cheeks were blushing as she looked at him.

" It was fine. How about you? Aren't you supposed to be resting now since you were too busy today. I wouldn't mind if you rest for a while. I quite understand the circumstances of your work. " She said.

" No! I don't want to sleep yet. I want to talk to you more, sweetheart. A minute of not communicating with you makes me lonely inside. Don't you want to talk to me? Don't you miss me?" He asked randomly.

Confused on what to tell him, Stephanie followed what her heart was dictating her to say even if her mind is contradicting it.

"Of course, I want to talk to you and I do miss you too but I am just worried about your health. " Stephanie said in a sweet loving tone.

Hearing her answer, Harry already had idea that the girl had already a special place in her heart. He was glad to know that she missed him too. Her simplicity, being honest and God fearing was one of the qualities he has known to like about her.

" So, tell me. What is your favourite song?" Harry asked. He wanted to know more about her as well.

" Well... My favourite song is Dreaming about you and The warrior is a child." She answered briefly. " How about you?"

" I love to hear any kind of love songs." He answered back. " What's your favourite flower?"

" I like white roses and red roses very much. Why did you ask?" She commented out of the blue. It triggered something on her mind.

" I was just curious. Now, I know what are your favourite flowers. When is your birthday again?" He responded with honesty.

" It's on July 24. How about you?" She answered briefly again.

" Mine is on the 27th day of October. " He said urgently.

When she learned that his birthday was on the 27th day, Stephanie glanced at the calendar on the wall. Today is already 17th day of October. Meaning there is only almost less than two weeks more to go before his birthday. She pondered for a while before reacting to his answer.

" That's almost near already. Advance happy birthday!" Stephanie reacted with a sweet smile on her face.

" Thank you! I was hoping for a more

" Thank you! I was hoping for a more special gift coming from you though." Harry said in a teasing way. His eyes were filled with anticipation.

Not knowing what he meant just now, Stephanie changed their topic. Her face turned serious and Harry felt that she has something on her mind.

" Harry, can I ask you something. And please answer me honestly and don't ever lie to me." Stephanie said seriously

" Go ahead. I'll be completely honest with you, Stephanie. " He answered courageously.

" Why me?" She said with a furrowed brows.

Unexpectedly, Harry was not ready for this kind of questioning but he thought to himself on how should he answer her without any complications on what his answer would be. After a few minutes, he found his answer.

" I like you for being honest and trustworthy and God fearing as well. It's a rare opportunity to find such qualities in a woman in this present time. I like your simplicity and straightforwardness too." He answered bravely with a pure intention.

" I see." Stephanie didn't expect that coming from his mouth. But she always wanted proof on how he could surpass her expectations from him. " I wish we could talk more to each other but time is running so fast. We both need some energy to carry out our work tomorrow so I hope you won't mind if I will go to sleep now."

Harry looked at his wrist watch and it was really late at night already. He felt a little bit upset knowing that the time was the reason for them to stop having a sweet moment together.

" I understand. Have a sweet dream, honey! " He said with dismay.

" Good night!" Stephanie said unwillingly. She really wanted to talk to him more and savour the enchanting moment of how he made her feel like a giggling teenager again. They both switched off their phone and went to bed.

Time went by so fast that it was already near Harry's birthday. Stephanie thought of how to make a special gift for him. She thought of sharing her talent in singing and telling him how special he is into her life.

She sat down on the sofa and started recording herself on video while singing her favourite songs. She chose to sing Dreaming of you and then she compiled all his pictures that he sent to her before. Then she also added some sweet birthday wishes. She edited it all and made it into one video clip. She felt satisfied with what she did.

This was the first time she made an effort in pleasing someone near to her heart.

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