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   Chapter 2 Courtship and acceptance

Destined For You By Mystical Nymph Characters: 5296

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As the days past by, Harry and Stephanie began to have a deeper understanding towards each other. They even can tell each other's thoughts and feelings without hesitation to each other. They began to dig in into knowing more of each other.

" Harry, don't you think it's time for us to meet in person?" Stephanie sent the message to him.

Harry was laying down on his bed while tapping his fingers on his mobile phone. He smiled victoriously as if he succeeded in getting what he wanted." We have the same thoughts. Okay. How about we meet at a nearby park in Nantou county?" He texted back to her.

Feeling a bit expectant of what the man would say, she bit her lower lips. She received his reply and she smiled upon reading it to herself.

" Sure! Set the time and I'll be sure to meet you there." She replied back.

" Tomorrow at around 3 pm. That's the only time i can spare because of my hectic schedule at work." He forwarded his answer to her.

" Great! See you then! Good night!" Stephanie replied as she lay down her body on her own soft cottony bed.

" Good night! Have a sweet dream, sweetie!" Harry sent his final reply to her.

In the darkness of the night, the stars were shining brightly in the sky. The two persons laying down on bed on their own rooms where having a sweet sleep as their faces had a smile on it.

The next morning, Harry was in his military uniform when he arrived at his office. There were a lot of documents needed for his approval while Stephanie just got up from his bed and started working as well.

As a caretaker, Stephanie woke up at six in the morning and began to work. She finished cleaning the first floor and she then prepared a coffee and grabbed a bread on the fridge for breakfast. Her patient who was 86 years old was already in the living room, watching TV and taking his breakfast.

" Akong, can I go out of the house at around 3 pm? I have to meet someone very important to me." She said to her patient.

"Yes, you may! Just be here before dinner time." Akong said to her with a poker face.

" Thank you, Akong!" Stephanie said with humbleness. She bowed her head three times as a sign of respect and gratitude towards her patient.

*Akong is the name used for old man in Taiwan. It is the term used for grandfather.

After her patient finished his breakfast, Stephanie gently took the bowl and went to the kitchen to wash it together with her cup that was filled with coffee a while ago.

She felt her body was floating in the air that she never felt tired while working. She continued cleaning starting on the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor. Her sweat was driftin

g all over her body.

After all the cleaning, she prepared the vegetables and fish for lunch. She took a small bundle of bean sprouts and sauteed it. Another dish that she made was sauteed cabbage. Lastly, she fried the fish while waiting for the rice to be cooked inside the rice cooker.

As soon as she had finished doing all her chores and had fed her patient for lunch, she went to the shower room.

The water replenished all her weariness. She felt the water rushed down from the shower to her body. She enjoyed every inch of soothing her body with body soap and put on shampoo on her long black hair.

After she had finished cleaning herself on the shower, she dried herself with a clean towel and wrapped it on her body.

She gently opened the door of the shower room and went to fetch her clothes.

Looking for a suitable clothes to wear, she decided to take a fitted cottony white long sleeved blouse partnered it with white jeans. She left the house in a rush so that she could make a good impression to the man whom she will meet up.

In the Nantou Park, A man in an army suite was standing along with some civilians. He looked so charming and vulnerable while waiting for the woman who have captured his attention.

Looking at his military watch, he had a mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness. He was observing his surroundings when his sight captured a familiar figure of a woman. The woman smiled shyly at him and approached him.

"Hi! I'm Stephanie. Are you Harry?" The woman asked hesitantly.

" Yes, I am! It's so nice to have finally meet you, Stephanie!" A bright smile was shown from him as he answered her question politely.

" Did you came here by yourself, Harry? Did you wait for a long time?" Stephanie blurted out of the blue.

The man laughed vividly. "Honey, I'm a general and a man of honour. I came here earlier so that I may not give you a bad impression. It seems I'm making you nervous just now."

" Oh! No, no, no! I'm just curious that's why. Could we sit down a bit?" Stephanie said when she felt her knees were trembling.

" Sure! Let's have a seat there on a bench or we could go in a restaurant now if you like?" Harry responded naturally. There was no hint of nervousness in his face but only his sparkling eyes full of joy was there to be seen.

Thinking of his proposal, Stephanie finally had decided on where to go." Okay! Let's go to a nearby restaurant. It's awkward for you to sitting on a bench with a woman while you are in your military uniform."

" I never thought that you're so considerate towards me. Okay then. Shall we, my lady?" Harry said honestly.

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