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   Chapter 1 I'll be back soon

Destined For You By Mystical Nymph Characters: 5714

Updated: 2019-10-18 14:29

October 14, 2018 at around 3:22 in the afternoon, Stephanie was scanning her profile Facebook account when an unknown man appeared on her friend's list request. Because of curiosity, she confirmed the request. The picture of a man didn't interest her at all. Her motive was to get her mind out of all her frustrations in life.

Then, the man named Harry sent a message to her : "Hi, dear! How are you doing right now?"

Stephanie pondered for a while if she will reply or not. She looked closely at the screen of her phone with the message flashing in it.

Why is this man chatting with me now? Is he interested to make friends with me or he has an ulterior motive? Is he different from the other guys I've known? He looks like he's a good man. She thought while tapping her fingers on the table. Then she decided to reply to him.

On the other side, Harry was sitting in his office. Playing with his phone with a serious look on his face. When his phone got a message, he quickly scanned it.

The message came from the girl whom he sent a friend request. He bit his lower lips and started to ponder on how to respond to her. It has been 5 years since her wife died in an accident and from then onwards, his mind was focused on his work as an army general of the 3rd battalion division troops and to his only son which he left into his in-laws in Cyprus.

He read the message: " I feel tired. You look good, dear sir! How should I address you by the way?

Harry smiled after reading the message. He felt like his heart felt warm deep inside him. He thought that this girl must be interested in him.

He replied back. He tapped the letters on his phone screen and sent the message." Thank you for the compliment! Call me Harry."

Stephanie was getting bored while sitting in the kitchen. Then she saw a reply mail on her phone after a few minutes. She hastily opened the message and she smiled when Harry was so kind enough to respond to her message.

Her heart skipped a bit. She felt like there's something unusual with this man. Why does she feel like she is comfortable chatting with him? Her eyes glowed with excitement as she continued chatting with him.

"Okay, Harry!" She replied back.

Not knowing what will happen next, Harry responded again.

" So if you don't mind, can you send me few of your pictures so that I can see your beautiful face here?"

Without any make up on nor lipstick on her face, Stephanie tapped the camera icon on her phone and pictured herself. In her mind, if this guy continues to chat with him without complaining into her physical looks....She will probably continue having a little conversation with him. She sent her picture instantly.

After that, she sent a message to him.

"Sorry! I'm just being me. No makeups or anything. "

When Harry saw her respond, he smiled naughtily.

He held his cellular phone firmly into his hands and tried to respond back to her.

"Wow! Beautiful! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You are really beautiful! What a beautiful eyes going together with your smiles."

Upon seeing his reply, Stephanie laughed a bit. Is he bluffing! What is this guy up to? Now, I'm really interested to know more about him. She thought.

She replied back to him with a mocking face. " Really now?" She questioned him.

" Yeah!" Harry said and continued. " What's the time over there?"

"3:20 pm" Stephanie answered plainly. " How about your place?" She asked afterwards.

"Here is 10:22 am."

Suddenly, a knocking on the door caught Harry's attention. He put down his phone on his desk and his looks changed quickly into a poker face.

" Come in!" He said loudly, commanding the person outside to enter his office with his permission. A soldier entered his office formally and saluted at him.

Harry stood up and saluted as a response to the call of duty.

" Have a seat!" He said.

The soldier sat down on the chair near him. Before he was about to ask the young soldier, he quickly replied back to Stephanie.

" I'm going to chat you later. Bye for now, okay?" He smiled a bit while tapping his phone.

The young soldier remained silent while waiting for his order.

Busy preparing lunch, Stephanie looked back at her phone and saw his response. She smiled

And replied. " Lunch time!

Harry was about to ask the young soldier when his text alarm ring tone sounded. He quickly grab his phone and replied." Okay! Bye for now! I am going back to work now! Okay?"

" Okay!" she replied back.

After having lunch, Stephanie had no more work to do and she felt bored. She took her cellphone and lazily tapped the phone screen. She saw the only name listed on her account. It was Harry.

She bit her lips while wondering if she should text this man but her own feeling prevailed even if her mind was protesting not to pay attention to that account. She felt like telling all her thoughts and feelings in Harry's account.

" It's so boring when there's nothing more to do nor someone to talk to. " After she has sent the message to him. She felt like she needs to apologize the man for bothering him.

Then she started typing again on her phone." Don't mind me. Just do your work. I just feel a little bit lonely, I guess."

Harry was busy scanning the documents that his soldier gave him when his phone had received another message and it interrupted his attention. He took his phone and opened the message sent to him. He smiled a bit as he read the text. He replied back to her to comfort her.

" Don't worry. I'll be back soon. Okay?"

Not expecting any response, Stephanie got excited all of a sudden when she got a message from him. She felt relaxed afterwards.

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