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   Chapter 51 Epilogue

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Beads of sweat rolled down my forehead as the pain consumed every part of my body. I gripped the sides of the bed tightly and tried to even my breathing.

"You're doing great, it'll soon be over."

Tristan whispered from beside me brushing the wet hair that glued to my forehead.

"You're the strongest person I know, you can do it."

He held my hand and gave it a light squeeze.

"Nice job, give me another push."

The Doctor standing between my legs said.

I bit on my lower lip as I gave another push.

"One more time, I can see his cute head."

The Doctor said with a smile.

Tristan smiled at me and brushed my hair back. I groaned in pain as I pushed with all the energy I could summon.

"Keep going, you're doing good."

I was starting to get mad at the Doctor.

It wasn't my first labour, I could feel the pain in my bones and I was trying not to pass out.

"Labour looks good on you."

Tristan whispered, I shot him a glare and he smiled.

"Guess what? When all this is over, I will prepare your favourite food and give you a massage every night."

He was a good distraction but he was starting to piss me off since the distraction wasn't taking the pain away.

"I wish I could take your place or take the pain away. It's almost over."

He placed a kiss on my head.

"I need you to give the last push as much strength as you can, okay?"

I nodded.

I took a glance at Tristan, he gave me a warm smile.

"I love you."

He said softly.

I swallowed the dryness in my throat and pushed harder than ever. I saw the small bloody form in the Doctor's hands as my body relaxed from exhaustion.

"You did it."

Tristan said to me with a proud smile. I nodded and took a glance at the new Sanchester.

His sweet cry filled my ears before I blacked out.

The voices around me woke me up. I blinked at the white Ceiling before looking around me.

"She's awake!"

Vina exclaimed.


My mom called sounding relieved.

They walked to the bed asking about my health.

Vina left the room and returned with the twins, her daughter, Nana, my dad and Tristan's mom. I smiled at them as they walked to the bed.


Kayla and Kayden screamed running to the bed.

"Careful, she's not so strong."

Tristan's mom told them.

I smiled at Vina's daughter, Jenna. She took Vina's face but Adrian's eyes. Adrian was on a business trip so, he couldn't join the party.

"Hey, Jenna."

I whispered, she just turned four and I missed the party cause I was stuck in the hospital.

The door opened and Tristan walked in with Baby, Ja

ame down from the stairs with Jax on his neck who kept giggling as Tristan moved his tiny hands like he was teaching him how to dance.

Everyone took a seat at the Dining, Morris dished out food for the kids while I set Jax in his own seat.

"Thank you, Morris."

They each said to him.

"Let's share the grace."

We held one another's hands and bowed our heads to say the grace.

"So, where will you guys like to spend your vacation?"

Tristan asked the kids when we started eating.


Kayla exclaimed.


Kayden said.

"Hmmm, how about Paris? I already got the tickets."

"Yes, Paris is cool."

Kayla said chirpily.

Tristan turned to look at me, I tried to hide my excitement. I have always wanted to visit Paris, we've been busy with work and the kids to travel. He knew how much I wanted to see Paris.


Kayla called making him look away from me.

"Yes, Princess."

"Why are you staring at mom like that?"

She asked.

"Like you wanna eat her."

Kayden added.

"Maybe I do, she looks ravishing."

"Tristan, " I glared at him for saying that in front of the kids.

"What does that mean?"

Kayla asked with curious eyes.


Kayden guessed.

Tristan smirked and looked at me.

"Okay, enough talking. Eat up."

I said trying not to laugh at the confused look on the twins' faces.

I turned to Jax and was happy to see him scooping his pudding. He was still learning how to hold the spoon properly.

"Nice, you're doing good sweety."

I encouraged him but he threw the pudding at my face and giggled.

Everyone laughed while I sat still, I didn't see that coming. I shook my head and joined in the laughter.

I couldn't wait for that vacation!

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