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   Chapter 15 Heartbreak

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I woke up when I felt something rough on my face. I opened my eyes and discovered it was Tristan's stubble.

How did we end up cuddling on the bed?

I removed my hand that was around his torso and my leg that somehow ended up on him, I prayed he won't wake up.

The door opened when I was about to get off the bed, Doctor Alice's jaw was slightly down as she stared at me.

I was straddling his torso, this was definitely the wrong position to be caught. I opened my mouth to explain but Mrs. Sanchester and Nana arrived, they stared at me wondering what I was doing.

I was so mortified I didn't even know what to say.

"What are you doing?"

I heard Tristan's raspy voice.

"Uhm, I was about to get down from the bed."

I told him.

"Then what are you waiting for?"


I got off gently to avoid shifting any thing.

"What were you doing young lady? I told you no one was allowed in here and that was inappropriate, do I need to remind you this is a hospital?"

And I thought she was nice, I was too embarrassed to look at her. I should have gone home after taking a peep, I felt like a kid being scolded for stealing.

"I'm not complaining."

Tristan said adjusting on the bed to look at her.

"With all due respect, this is a hospital and that was inconvenient."

"Have you ever being in love, honey? She was too worried to leave him on his own. Let it be."

Nana said and found her way in, she smiled at me and walked to her grandson.

I saw Dr. Alice jaw harden, she fixed a smile and walked in. Mrs. Sanchester gave me a playful smile and let herself in.

"How are you feeling?"

Nana took his hand.

"I'm fine."

His voice said otherwise.

"You promised you won't do it again."

Tristan didn't say anything, he just looked away.

"Mom, "

Mrs. Sanchester called with a glint of warning in her voice. I assumed she didn't want her to talk about whatever was bothering him.

"Don't forget you have a baby on the way, a baby that will look up to you."

She said softly and gave him a kiss on the head, I felt tears in my eyes.

"I'm glad you're okay."

Mrs. Sanchester said with a hopeful smile.

"You didn't have to Tristan, you scared us."

She sounded disappointed, she gave him a light hug and smiled at him.

Dr. Alice was done doing her rounds, she checked the IV connected to his hand for the last time.

"A nurse will be here in the next thirty minutes to pick you for your test. I will take my leave now."

She flashed a sweet smile, a smile I knew I wasn't part of.

I needed to freshen up, I stylishly checked my morning

the cheek and left. I leaned on the sofa for support, Adrian just left me for a date, he was going on a date.

I guess he didn't feel the same way about me, but the way he looked at me, the smile and how much he cared about, there was no way Adrian wasn't attracted to me.

I had decided to let Grey go, he still refused to talk to me and I thought of what Vina said.

It was just a date right? It might end up disastrous. The thought of Adrian going on date with someone else broke my heart I must admit. I knew we were never gonna work but I expected it to last a little longer.

My shoulders sagged, I took a glance at the movie we were watching and frowned.

I grabbed one throw pillow and screamed into it. I turned off the TV and walked to the bar, some alcohol would do me good right now.

I returned to the living room and sat on the floor, I poured myself some drink and played my favourite song on my phone.

I wasn't sure of the amount of alcohol I had taken before someone came to sit next to me on the floor. I turned to look at Tristan with hazy eyes, his scent surrounded me.

I poured myself more drink and sang along to Pink's song. I was waiting for him to say something but he was quiet, I wasn't in a good state to engage in a conversation anyway.

I leaned back and placed my head on the seat behind me, the alcohol was working.

"Do you always drink like this?"

I heard him ask and I felt his eyes on me.

I obeyed my subconscious, I knew at this point I was vulnerable and he might decide to ask about what he saw on my back, that was if he saw it.

We were both quiet for a while and I was starting to enjoy it till he spoke again.

"I'm ready to tell you why I said all that in the church."

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