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   Chapter 13 D'day

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I swallowed the lump in my throat before looking at Adrian who stood at the foot of the stairs.

Tristan came to stand beside him, he looked more angry for some reason.

He shook his head and walked up to the stairs, I thought he was coming to help me but he glared at me and walked past me.

I refrained myself from grabbing his leg and pulling him down.

I turned to look at Adrian after the loud sound of Tristan slamming his door echoed in the building.

Adrian had a smile on his face, a smile that told me he knew I was eavesdropping on their conversation. At least he didn't look pissed like Tristan.

"Can you stand?"

He asked resting half of his weight on the railing, he was still wearing the same clothes from our conversation on the phone which ended quicker than I expected because of a certain someone.

"I will try."

I tried to stand but a hot pain flashed around my ankle.

"That's a no then."

He walked to where I was, weird tingles spread to my feet when his hand went behind my knees, he picked me up and took me downstairs.

He dropped me gently on the sofa and squatted in front of me.

"Which ankle hurt?"

"This one."

I moved my left leg to show him, he wrapped his calloused fingers around my ankle and gave it a squeeze. I yelped in pain and tried to pull my ankle away but he held me tightly.


He said with a smile.

"How much did you hear?"

He asked massaging the spot softly.

"I was only there for five seconds before my phone blew my cover."

He laughed softly.

"So you didn't understand anything we were saying?"

"Yeah, I was trying to put the words together but it made me more confused."

"Good, I don't think he is ready for you to know yet."

"Well, he has five days left."

"Don't rush it."

He said standing up, he took the spot next to me on the love sofa.

"I can't stay here forever, I have a life to live "

"I know, " he said with a warm smile and stared at me as if he had more to say.

"Why is he mean towards me all of a sudden? Because I saw him punching his mirror?"

"He has a lot going on, I will advise you to stay away for a while but keep me posted if anything happens."

"A lot going on? Like mentally?"

He chuckled softly and stood up not answering, what were they not telling me?

"I should be on my way home now."

He said looking down at his apple wristwatch that looked like it cost a fortune.

"It's almost one in the morning, you should go to bed."

"I can go to bed whenever I want."

I said annoyed.

He gave me a long look like he was trying to read my mind, I cocked an eyebrow at him.

"You mean a lot to him, Chloe, wait for him, he will tell you."

He said softly, he took a step closer and brushed a stray hair back.

"Wait for him."

He whispered tracing my cheekbone with his thumb, I almost leaned closer to his touch.

His touch sent goosebumps down my arms, the fire burned at the spot he touched repeatedly.

My throat went dry from the lack of distance

now, why did Tristan need me?

"He will tell you soon I promise."

"Why can't you tell me?"

I almost yelled.

"Cause is not in my place to tell you."

I groaned in frustration and looked away.

"I will be leaving."

I didn't spare him a look as he stood up from the bed. I closed my eyes as he moved to my side of the bed.

"I'm sorry."

He whispered and I felt his warm lips on my forehead.

I opened my eyes when I heard the door close, I tried to stop the smile that crept to my face.

So, today was the day Tristan was to tell me the truth. I hadn't seen him all morning.

I called Adrian but he wasn't answering any of my calls, I knew Tristan didn't leave the house today so he was definitely in his room.

I decided I would wait for him to come to me first, I was ready to know the reason I was here.

I didn't have classes today, I watched a movie but I kept looking at the wall clock. Did he even know it was today? Should I go to him?

What if he was still angry?

All these questions clouded my brain creating a storm, I took a nap. When I woke up it was past seven, I tried Adrian again but he didn't pick.

I met Morris downstairs, he was making dinner.

"Have you seen Tristan?"

"Mr. Sanchester said he doesn't want to be disturbed."

I sighed and took a seat.

"Are you okay Miss Simpson?"


I forced a smile.

It was hard to eat when a part of me was worried sick about Adrian and Tristan.

I dropped my spoon and decided to do it, I was going to check if Tristan was okay.

I ran up the stairs like I knew something bad was about to happen.

"Please be okay please be okay.."

I mumbled as my hand made contact with the cold metal handle.

I turned it and pushed the door open. It was dim but I could make out some furniture in the room but I didn't see Tristan.


I moved in, I took slow steps into the room. I almost tripped on something or rather someone, I looked down and my heart stopped beating.


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