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   Chapter 5 Ruined

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I took a deep breath and exhaled then forced a smile.

"You got this Chloe, you got this."

I gave myself a pep talk as I approached them, my mum detached herself from my dad's hold and stared at me as I got closer.

If looks could kill, Ciara would have killed me multiple times with her laser stares.

I stopped one foot away from my boxes, I tried not to think about the reason it was outside.

"Dad, mum, it's not true."

I said slowly.

"Told you she will deny it."

My sister said immediately I finished my sentence.

I clenched my fist and pretended not to hear her.

"You have to believe me, I don't know him. I was seeing him for the first time."

I searched their faces for any sign that they were convinced but when my dad shook his head in disappointment and my mum cried more I knew I had to try harder.


"Stop please, " she said and stared at me with puffy eyes.

"You ruined this family like it's nothing, why him Cassandra?"

I opened my mouth to explain but she continued.

"You were using Grey all along? who are you?"

She asked and looked at me like I was possessed.

"It's me, mum, it's me, Chloe."

She shook her head frantically like she didn't want to believe a word from my mouth.


I turned to him to say something.

"You are better than this, Chloe."

He said with a sad tone accompanied by worry.

"Dad, please hear me out."

He turned away and walked back into the house.

My heart sunk, tears brimmed in my eyes as I watched my dad shut the door.

"You were hell-bent on attending the wedding because you couldn't stand the thought of him getting married to Sofia."

Ciara said not helping my situation.

"No, I told you why I wanted to go to the wedding."

"You lied!"

She yelled, who was this person and what had she done to my sister?

"Grey was a good guy even though I never admitted it, he is much better for you than a billionaire ten years older than you."

I didn't know what to say to my mum, if no one was ready to believe me then why was I trying.

"Are you ready to become a mother Cassandra?"

I didn't answer, tears rolled down my cheeks as I stared at her.

"Do you know what people are gonna say about you? About this family?"

She asked and I whimpered.

"I'm not pregnant mum, I am still a vir..."

"You know, I always had a feeling you were hiding something but this wasn't close to what I thought it'd be."

She cut in.

"Maybe this will be the right time to tell mum you started dating at fourteen and your fourth boyfriend got you involved in drugs, oh and don't forget to tell her you snuck out every night to see your sixth boyfriend who tried to rape you."

My heartbeat stopped and my tears stilled. I turned my head slowly to look at my sister, the person I trusted the most to share my secrets.

All I could see was red, If someone told me the person I was staring at was my sister, I would've laughed and called the person crazy.

My sister crossed her heart not to tell anyone especially my parents, it was something I never wanted to recall, I had nightmares for months after that horrifying incident.

But she just spilled it like I didn't cry my eyes out that night to the point I had a fever.

I heard my mum gasp and I could feel her eyes on me.

"Is it true? Did all that really happen?"

I swallowed and nodded.

She went pale, she covered her mouth with her hand to suppress the sound of her cry.


I tried to touch her but she stepped back.

"I'm sorry."

"Before you leave, just know we've cut you off.

"Sure, why not?"


"I will call you later, my mom is back from the store."


I sighed lowly and dropped my phone.

The rest of the ride was silent, I almost fell asleep.

I didn't know when we arrived till Morris came to open my side of the door.

I came down and looked in front of me at the luxurious glasshouse. I tried not to gape at the building as we went inside.

Everything inside looked expensive and in order, I could see my reflection from the sparkly floor.

An exquisite interior that one could stare at for hours.

I was in a bad mood so I didn't bother looking around.

I took a seat and stared at the large screen TV, I still felt sad and angry even if talking with Belvina eased some of it.

I felt so broken, all it took was a lie in church for my life to take another turn.

I still couldn't believe my parents kicked me out, cut me off and my sister denied me.

I took off my shoes and leaned back on the seat.

"Your boxes are in your room, would you like something to drink?"


I wanted to know his real job here but I decided when I was less frustrated I'd ask.

"Where is he?"

"He's out with a friend."

So he was hanging out with his friend while I suffer the effect of his lies.


"Yes, Miss Simpson."

"Please call me, Chloe."

"I don't think I can do that, Miss."

I didn't have time to argue, I will deal with that later.

"What does your boss treasure most in this house?"

"The paintings on each wall, they're very expensive and mean a lot to him and his achievements like awards from around the world."

"Could you bring them all here?"


"I want all the paintings and awards here, now."

He waited for some time and left.

"You messed with the things I treasured most, I will mess with yours."

I knew I couldn't compare both but I needed to cool off and smashing those paintings and awards seemed like a good solution.

I stood up when he was done gathering everything, I smashed each painting to pieces.

I smashed the awards on the glass table breaking it in the process. I broke more things as I recalled what happened in the church and at home.

The place was a mess when I was done and I was panting from the work.

I slumped on the couch and looked at Morris, he looked horrified. He reached for his phone and made a call.

Just what I needed.

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