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   Chapter 3 Good Liar

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"What the hell?"

I stared at his hand then his face.

"Are you confused or do you have a glasses you happened to leave at home?"

He smiled sweetly at me like I just complimented him.

"I know you're mad at me for taking the wedding this far, I'm sorry."

He said softly that it sounded so true, darn he was a good liar.


I heard Grey's voice.

"Grey, you know he is lying, I'm just seeing this douchebag for the first time."

"Ohh Hi Grey, Chloe told me a lot about you."

"When?" "She did"

We both said at the same time.

"Yeah, you're the cover she told me about, we needed a cover for our relationship thank you for being there."

He said smoothly with that smile I was starting to hate.

"What?" I stared at Tristan, what was he playing at, was this a prank show. I looked around for any hidden cameras or mics but was met with a hundred pairs of eyes.

"A cover?"

Grey cocked a brow at me, I can't believe he was buying his expensive lies.

"Chloe Simpson?!"

Sofia's voice shut everyone up, I turned to look at her as she marched toward us holding the down part of her wedding dress up for easy movement.

My eyes caught a glimpse of Ciara, she looked like she was having a hard time breathing, she looked so shocked.


I turned to a scary-looking Sofia.

"Sofia, I swear he is lying."

"Chloe, there's nothing to be afraid of, we can't keep it a secret anymore."

Tristan smooth voice came from beside me.

"Hide what? I don't even know you!!!"

He smiled again.

"Really? Cause I'm starting to think this is all true."

I was surprised it came from Grey, I saw a smirk on Tristan's face.

"Grey, you've known me for a long time, do you really believe this guy?"

"Yes." What a straightforward answer.

My face went pale and I could hear a few people murmuring.

I was kinda hoping this was part of the wedding and Tristan and Sofia would laugh at my face and tell me it was all an act to entertain the congregation but I didn't get why I had to be the main character.

If Ciara planned this with them she should have told me but the look on my sister's face told me otherwise.

I turned to Grey to try to get some sense into him, how could he give in to his lies so easily?


"Maybe he is the reason we don't go pass kissing, I always thought it was because of your parents but now I see the reason."

He said stepping away from me.

"Are you for real? You're an idiot if you believe every word that left his mouth."

"I'm out of here, I hope you're happy now."

He glared at Tristan before walking away.

"Are you breaking up with me?"

I held back my tears.

"Were we ever in a relationship? I was just a cover remember?"

Seriously? Was he for real?


He didn't wait to listen to whatever I had to say, he walked out of the church.

I bit my lips to hold my tears back. There was an awkward silence in the church, I could feel everyone's eyes on me.

"Well that was easy, I figured it will be hard for you to tell him the truth."

Tristan said behind me.

I turned around to face him, at that moment I wanted God to grant me one wish, just one, I wanted Tristan dead.

I clenched my fist, I hope he could feel the anger radiating from my body. My blood was boiling, what was this arsehole up to and why me?

Don't punch him, Chloe, don't break his nose, Chloe, don't knee his crotch, Chloe, just stay calm and convince everyone he is lying.

"Why are you doing this? What did I do to you?"

"You should calm down babe, it's not good for the baby if you're angry."

He said with a worried tone, his blue eyes looking at me like he adores me.

"What baby?! I'm still a virgin Tristan!!!"

I screamed

"Babe, I understand you're scared that everyone knows about us now."

He said trying to touch me but I moved back giving him a death glare.

God, this guy was a good actor, why was he wasting his talent.

"Who would've thought the innocent-looking little sister to my best friend is this evil?"

Sofia made herself noticed, I turned to look at her and immediately wished I didn't.

"Sofia I...."

"Is that why you avoided me every time I came to visit?! Because you were sleeping with my boyfriend?"

Eww gros...I know he is hot and all that but he's a psychopath and a disgusting Liar!

"No!" I snapped, someone has got to believe this was all a lie.

"I had homework and projects from school and my...."

"Oh please enough with the excuses, the truth is out already so stop denying it. How could you be so wicked?"

I was totally speechless, why was everyone believing him.

"I'm really sorry Sofie, I wish I told you earlier."

Tristan said with a tone that could convince anyone this was all true and real.

I wish I had that tone to convince everyone this was all a


"You just ruined my life Tristy...."

Tristy? I tried not to laugh even with the situation at hand. It sounded like a name someone would give to a candy bar.

"You just disgraced me and my family in front of 600 people."

She said sobbing.

"I'm sorry."

"I hope you have a miscarriage and die in the process."

She lashed at me and stormed out of the church.

Well, that was harsh and I hope you trip on your heels and smash your face on the ground to the point no one would recognize you.

I wanted to yell after her but stopped myself.

Her parents stood up and walked toward us, her mother was already in tears. I felt so guilty like it was really my fault.

"Mrs. Nova..."

I kept my mouth shut when her husband shot me a cold glare. They walked out of the church quietly.

I guess it wasn't a wedding drama, it was real but I was hoping I was dreaming or maybe I was being pranked.

"Are you happy now?"

I turned to Tristan with teary eyes but a mean look.

"Yeah, I'm happy we finally got to tell everyone the truth and we can be together now."

He said with a short smile that made his stupid blue eyes stand out.

"Truth? You know yourself that this is all a lie!"

"Babe, we can't keep hiding."

He said softly placing his hands on my shoulders, even on my five-inch heels, I felt so short.

"Babe, " He called looking straight into my eyes. He was a pro in this I must admit, the way he said the word sounded like he'd known me for a long time.

He just ruined the meaning of babe for me.

"I love you and we are gonna bring up our baby together."

He maintained eye contact and smiled softly.

My eggs are still untouched dude, they have never seen a sperm.

"What are you gonna gain from this huh?"

I asked pushing his hands away, no matter how warm they felt I had to focus and not let my stupid hormones get in the way.

I knew everyone was watching us, It was like acting a romantic scene on stage but this was real.

"Is this a joke to you?!"

Something flickered in his eyes, I was starting to piss him off.

I must prove to everyone he was lying, maybe if I pissed him to his breaking point he'd reveal the truth.


"Don't babe me!"

"I get that you're upset..."

"Ohh am way pass upset, "

"Aren't you tired of hiding Chloe?"

His acting mood was back, he looked so serious.

"We keep hiding because of our age difference, because of what people will say about us. Well, I'm sick of that."

I shook my head in amazement, he was damn good.

I never thought I'd come across an award-winning LIAR.

"I stopped the wedding for us, for you, for the baby. I know you're scared about what people will start saying but I will always be by your side."

He said it like he was saying his vows.

I was surprised when the congregation chorused, "Awwwwww."

Come on people, this was not the time to fall for his charms!!!

Tristan smiled and stepped closer then he took my hands, I tried to pull my hands away but he held them tightly.

"We'll get through this, Chloe, I promise."

He said it like he meant it but this was all an act, why was he doing this? If he didn't feel like getting married anymore he would stop the wedding and leave, no need for more drama.

I turned my head to look at everyone in the church, they were all staring at me like they wanted me to admit everything was true.

Some were smiling and others gave me a disgusted look.

My eyes stopped moving when they landed on my sister, I noticed her hands were fisted by her sides.

Our eyes locked and I felt like I found my Savior, I knew my real saviour was in the church but my sister could prove him wrong.

She'd known me her whole life, we shared every secret with each other. She knew this was all lie.

She started walking toward us and I smiled, at least I have someone to save me from whatever Tristan was up to.

I pulled away from him as she got closer, she wasn't smiling and I suspected it was because of Tristan, kick his ass sister! Tell him not to mess with your kid sister.

I smiled more when she stopped in front of me but what happened next I didn't see it coming.

Ciara gave me a slap, the sound of the slap echoed in the church. I heard people gasp, I was shocked too.

It was the first time she ever hit me. I touched where she just slapped me and stared at her with wide eyes.

She didn't look like she regretted it.

Tristan moved to my front hiding me from my sister.

"That's enough, if you touch her again I will charge you for assault."

He sounded very angry but I knew better.

I stared at his broad back as his tall frame shielded me from my sister's wrath.

A tear rolled down my left cheek, at this point, there was no need trying.

My sister believed everything too, my sister I shared everything with.

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