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   Chapter 51 Date Without Liam

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The next day Eva was ready to head out on a date with Rush. After all that had happened, this was the first time they were trying to get a fresh breath of calmness and relief. Once she was dressed in a light blue dress with shiny, silver heels, her hair loosely flowing over her back and her face covered in mild makeup with a cherry tinted lipstick, she stepped out of the room and climbed down the stairs to meet him.

Liam had left for the office and had not come back since morning. It left a pang of hurt in her chest to go without him on a date but the hurt he had inflicted on them still burnt her chest like boiling lava. The sight that had haunted her upon seeing him with someone else was hell for her and he had literally gotten married to someone else!

'I am not going to give up this easily. I do not even know if his feelings towards me are sincere or not, if he is lying this time again or if this is the truth that he is telling. I can not believe a word he says anymore.' she thought. And the truth in those words was hard to swallow, but it was the truth in her eyes indeed.

"Where are we going?" she asked when she saw Rush standing in the hall in a skin tight t shirt on his delicious abs with mildly rugged jeans and cowboy boots.

"I am not going to tell you, love." Rush grinned and took her hand in his own, taking her with himself outside towards the emperor standing at the doorstep.

"Sir, Miss Eva." Rush's secretory, Hayden, bowed down and opened the door for them silently. She had recently come to get to know Hayden. He was a few years younger than Rush and Liam, but handsome nonetheless. Not as handsome as Rush and Liam, but she could not ignore his attractive features.

Since the office work had been neglected for past few months because of all the things happening in their lives, Rush and Liam had to take matters in hands and increase their working hours. And t

know how frustrated she was because Rush had not invited Liam, so she put on a fake smile and went ahead with him while Rush grinned staring at the expression on his face.

Eva's eyes lifted up to see where they had come to. In the evening light, the bright purple letters showed 'Purple Orchid Club'. It was exquisite, and grand, the ones that you see in movies for the richest of rich people.

To her surprise, as soon as they went in, they were greeted by the manager who rushed to them immediately with some of his staff members. She was taken a back when he excitedly welcomed them like his most important clients.

"What the hell is happening?" she muttered, flustered from all the attention.

"It has been a long time, Mr. Hemsworth!" The manager greeted with a wide smile, "I was not expecting your presence."

"Do I need to take your permission to come to my own club, Taylor?" Rush asked arrogantly. Eva looked up at him in surprise. There was no sign of the gentle Rush she had known since they met. In his place she saw the strong, arrogant man staring at the people standing in front of him with gentle gaze, but strong personality.

"Of.. of course not, sir!" The manager flushed and scattered back as Rush started walking straight inside the club.

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