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   Chapter 46 Rush's Home

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Updated: 2020-05-16 01:52

Liam turned around and found Rush standing in front of him in the hospital pant and shirt only. His condition did not look too good. Liam could sense Rush's distress and the worry etched on his eyes was proof enough that he was right.

Before Liam could make a move, Rush was running to him at full speed. In less than a second Liam was thrown a step back with the force that Rush's body collided with his, engulfing him in his arms.

"You fucking bastard!" Rush growled with a shaky voice, "I thought I am never going to see you again."

Liam could not describe in words the happiness that was flowing through his veins while his heart thrummed in happiness. He had not dared to imagine Rush's reaction after waking up, thinking he would be furious, mad, sad, everything else but this. And he... well he was definitely not complaining at all.

His arms tightened around Rush's torso, engulfing him in a dear hug and squeezing the life out of him, "I... Just shut up!" he spat heavily and buried his face in Rush's neck, trying to hide the tears that slipped out of his eyes freely.

After so many months, so many fucking deep, exasperating, exhausting ride of emotions, he had Rush in his arms and it felt like the life had come back to him, like his soul had returned in his body and the only thing that mattered was staying like this forever without worrying about anything else.

"I have missed you like hell, dude!" Liam whispered through a heavy voice.

"You are an idiot who did this to us." Rush growled, a bit angrily while trying to pull away. But Liam tightened his hold, keeping Rush in his arms while his hand slipped up

ernally for the look that Eva was going to give him, the one that is going to hurt like a bitch, Rush prepared himself for the hell of it.

Once they reached the new home, Rush got down from the car with Liam. They only one thing he wanted right now was to see Eva. He had already seen Liam and made sure he was okay. No matter how much he had hurt him and Eva by leaving, Liam was still their mate and his brother.

"Everything is going to be alright, okay?" Liam said ligh, sliding his hand over Rush's shoulder and squeezing lightly in assurance, "Just be calm and see how her reaction is."

Rush nodded his head in nervousness and opened the main door to enter inside the hall. He had barely taken one step in when a foreign scent of other werewolf hit him like a rock while his eyes dropped to the scene in front of him.

Eva was sitting on a single couch, scrunched up in a corner like a lamb ready to get eaten by a predator while a man loomed over her closely, crossing the lengths of personal space and looking down at Eva with hunger clear as hell on his fucking face for her.

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