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   Chapter 45 Finding Rush

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The words uttered on the other size of the call was enough to make Liam forget everything that he was just doing as his hand shook a little in happiness. Rush was finally awake!

He hand not known how much tensed, and worried he was to hear these words. Rush had slipped into a deep sleep and none of them knew when or if he was going to come awake. The things that ran inside his head were not good and scary. Now as he had heard the words that he was actually dying to hear out of the doctor's mouth, the relief flooded through his veins like water in desert, drenching him.

He needed to get there! He needed to go to his brother. That was the only thing running through his head as he cut the call and swiftly turned around to find his clothes. But as soon as he turned, he found Eva staring at him strangely and with worried expressions.

She rose her brows up in question at him. But he instead of saying anything, he rushed to her and kissed her forehead lovingly, the smile unfaltering from his face.

"I need to go right now." he murmured, pulling back and staring into her confused, pretty gaze, "I will be back soon. Don't worry, okay?"

He could not take Eva with himself. He himself was unaware of what he was going to find after reaching there, in what condition or what state of mind he was about to find Rush in. The things that kept worrying him were wild and unrealistic and totally out of his comprehension but he needed to face him. He needed to face Rush.

There were so many chances that Rush was going to take Eva away from him. He was totally aware of that and afraid as well. But t

at him with worry and said, "As soon as he woke up, he started looking for Eva. We... we tried to assure him and pin him down but he threw everything and ran out."

Liam was already running out of there even before the doctor had finished his words. Running out of the door he hopped inside the car and started it immediately. If Rush was searching for Eva, he would either go to their house or the pack house to search for her. But he did not know where Rush was going to go first, the house or the pack house.

Deciding to assume that he was going to the house first, Liam started driving in the direction. He was just wishing that his guess was right and he was not going to miss Rush.

In the next ten minutes he was getting out of the house and running towards the locked up, old house where Eva had been attacked.

He could smell Rush's scent but he was not in his sight. He was either here or had recently been here. He could feel him near.

He was just about to turn around and get inside the car to go to the pack house when he heard Rush's voice, "LIAM!"

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