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   Chapter 36 Worse Nightmare

Possession By ktish7 Characters: 5379

Updated: 2020-02-18 22:30

Liam's POV

Since the moment Eva had left the packhouse, my heart was not at ease. I had thought that going close to Aster, giving her the right that she deserved would make everybody happy. Even if it snatched my own happiness, I let my wolf take control of my body. That was the only way that I could make Aster get what she wanted from me. And it was not much. She only desired her happiness and I had to give it to her.

But then something happened and she stopped me from taking her. Her action had surprised, and in a corner of my heart, delighted me deeply because that was exactly what I wanted.

After that, both of us did not talk about it. Even so much as completely ignored each other. I did not know why she was distancing herself from me, but I was glad for it instead of getting upset.

As time passed by I tried to gather the courage to stay away from Eva but it was like there was a magnet between us that would not let me move far away from her. My life was revolving around her along with my heart.

With trembling hands and unsure mind, I decided to call her. So much time had passed since I had last heard her voice or seen her. Even if she hung up on me, I just wanted to know she was here, in my life around me.

As I dialled her number, barely a short ring later she picked up the phone. I did not even have the chance to say hello when a commotion from behind her alerted me. I instantly knew something was not right.

I shot up from the bed and immediately started running. My heart was literally thudding in my chest. Thankfully, she was not much far away from the packhous

Mason was standing above her head with a shocked expression on his face, staring at me with an iron rod in his hands, the edge of the rod completely covered in blood.

That is when I saw red. I could not control what happened next. The only thing I knew was that I had turned into my wolf and attacked Mason.

Being an alpha, Mason was obviously stronger than me. His wolf was fiercer than mine. His attacks sharper than mine.

But he had just killed my mate. He had killed my brother. There was nothing stopping me from taking his life. Not even the conscious of my own lack of powers.

I fought brutally. No precise attacks, no sharp moves, nothing. Just brutal swipes of claws and merciless bites of fangs.

The fight barely lasted for three minutes. Mason's ripped off head laid in the farthest corner of the room while his body laid in other.

My wolf gave the control back to me. Naked, and heartbroken, I fell down on my knees. I was afraid to touch her. I was afraid to look at her.

Was there any hope?

Was she still alive?

Was she breathing?

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