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   Chapter 35 Come Back

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After cleaning the whole house, I went to sit near the window. My eyes stared aimlessly at the open view that greeted me. Open field with greenery and peace and silence. But somehow, the peace managed to unnerve me. I had started to get tired instead of loosing my feelings towards Liam. It was a harsh truth. But it was the truth.

It was hard for me to believe that Liam had gotten over us so easily. It was easy for him to accept Aster into his life with a kiss and vows. Then why was not it so easy for me and Rush?

As tears started to well up in my eyes, I gathered up my feelings and moved away from the window. My head had started to ruin my mood by going over and over again in Liam's direction.

As a distraction, I decided to work a bit. Coming over to the couch, I grabbed my laptop and started scrolling thorugh random sites for new ideas when I heard a crash.

The crash was so loud that I immediately jumped off the couch in attention. Scared and cautious, I moved towards the sound to find the source when I heard another loud crash.

The sound had come from our bedroom. It spooked me out even more that someone had managed to break through our doors without letting me know and entered our bedroom.

Suddenly my phone started ringing loudly. I hurried over the table to grab it to inform Rush or whoever it was on the other side of the call about the breakthrough. I had barely managed to press the pick button without looking at the screen to read the name of the caller when I was grabbed from behind only to be thrown against the glass statue sitting beside the wall.

My body clashed hard against it, rattling me and leaving me disheveled and in severe pain. Groaning in unbearable pain in my ribs, I struggled to turn over to see the attacker.

"You should have left when I gave you the chance." A menacing voice growled from be

it left and right in the air in front of my eyes, making me aware that he wanted to see the fear of upcoming death in my eyes.

And I was scared. I was terrified.

As he took slow, predatory steps in my direction, while swinging the death rod in his hand, I had realized it was going to be the end of me.

"Count with me, darling." He said lovingly while coming to stand in front of my drooping eyes.

My fingers trembled on the cold floor, trying to stay conscious. This could not be my and Rush's end. I can not let him kill Rush.

He slammed the metal rod on the ground. The loud impact shook the ground beneath my ears, making me aware of its tons of heaviness which was easy for a werewolf to lift. Making me feel the terror that gripped my heart, knowing that one impact of this rod was enough to break multiple bones in my body and kill me.

"One." He counted. I tried to slither away, to get up, but my body did not let me to even lift my head from the ground. I was too weak. Too much pain.

"Two." He slammed the rod harder against the ground, this time, closer to me.

"Three." The words left his mouth, his hand lifted up with the rod in his hand, pulled it up like a bat in his hands, and slammed it in my head.

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