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   Chapter 34 Mistakes

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Updated: 2020-02-01 22:49

I could have pushed him away easily if I wanted. He was just a human after all. But I did not. It had been three months since I had last seen him and I did not know how I had managed to stay away from him.

As his mouth devoured mine, I could not control myself. His touch felt like heaven. His mouth on me felt like the only thing I needed in that moment to feel relief and contentment.

Ryan's mouth slid down to my neck and latched there, biting and sucking the sensitive skin while making me moan and beg for more.

My hand slipped over his trousers, feeling the hard bulge in my palm, throbbing and excited.

"Ryan." I whimpered in need.

Without a care, his hands ripped the smooth fabric of my V neck dress to gain access to my breasts. He palmed the milky boobs in a firm grip to squeeze them while his mouth descended down to attack them.

He was not gentle. His mouth chewed on the pink softness one after other until they were bruised.

His hand slipped down to rip off the flimsy material of my panty while I pulled open his flyer and pulled out his cock.

My heart thudded hard in my chest. I knew what I was doing. I knew I was going to do something that I will regret later. But I wanted this. I wanted to feel him once again. I wanted to be connected to Ryan.

I did not have to wait much and he did not wait for my approval. As soon as both of us were exposed to the chilled air around us, his furious eyes, filled with love and longing stared into mine as he slammed into me.


Eva's POV

As soon as Rush and I got home, he took me inside our room and laid down on the bed, cuddling me in his

going to burn!" I shouted while laughing and trying to get out of his arms. Although he let me go but kept his arms around my waist, holding me tightly against his chest from behind as I turned of the gas.

Turning around to face him again, I put my arms around his neck and pulled him down for a quick smooch.

"Do not be late today." I whispered seductively while winking, "You promised to let me play with that new toy that we had ordered."

A guilty look took its place on his face, "I am so sorry. I have a late night meeting today. I may come late so just go to bed and I will wake you up when I am back?"

"Awghh." I pouted in fake disappointment, "I had thought we were going to try that new thing with your cock today. Guess I will have to sleep dry because of my old as hell boyfriend."

His face instantly changed to excitement, "Plans cancel. Let's go have sex right now."

"Go to work!" I giggled and pushed him towards the door because I knew he had taken my joke seriously, "I will see you tonight."

And hopefully, everything will be alright till he got back.

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