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   Chapter 33 Seeing Ryan

Possession By ktish7 Characters: 5450

Updated: 2020-01-26 13:32

Maybe if Liam had managed to stay in his human form, he would have left some of his sense of right and wrong, the difference between what he wanted and what he was about to do would have been left inside him and stopped him. But as his wolf had taken control of his senses it was impossible for him to get rid of my magic.

His warm body landed on mine, capturing me underneath it. His yellow eyes stared into mine and conveyed the thoughts running inside his head that did not seem appropriate to utter aloud at all. Happy at the thought of having succeeded in my attempt of seducing him, I grabbed his nape and pulled him down to kiss his neck madly.

His growl vibrated in my ear as his lips started to slide down my neck. His thick cock slid against my wetness, rubbing over me and giving me a hint of what he wanted to do to me.

"That's it." I whispered in contentment and pleasure, "Just lose yourself in me, babe. There is just you and me and no worries about anyone."

His mouth travelled from my neck to my chest, ripping the thin material of my t-shirt along the way.

His hand fisted the edge of my shorts, tearing apart the fragile cloth and leaving me in my lace, black panties.

His mouth did not stop. He was intent on making me moan and beg for his attention. His lips dragged along the swell of my boobs while his teeth nipped the top of my nipple, making me arch my back in pleasure.

"More, Liam..." I moaned, "Fuck me, now!"

My words only made him more aggressive. His thumb clenched around the thin material of my panty and ripped it off in one swift movement.

His lower body immediately found

ted through clenched teeth.

"Meeting a friend." I lied while adjusting the oversized goggles on my face.

I literally saw him fighting the urge to pummel me into the ground.

His fingers snatched the goggles off my face and threw them aside.

"What the fuck!" I immediately snapped.

People had started to stare at both of us.

Muttering a loud curse under his breath, Ryan grabbed my palm and pulled me away with him.

"Leave my hand, Ryan!" I shouted as he dragged me in a small alley that was completely empty.

Once we were completely hidden from everyone, he pinned me against the wall while capturing my hands beside my head.

"What do you want now?" He seethed while staring into my eyes.

"Why are you here? You sent me the fucking invitation to your wedding, without an address as I remember correctly, after leaving my ass without any trace one day except for that fucking note saying 'Sorry'!"

"I am not here for you!" I snapped and tried to leave.

But before I could move past him, he snatched my face in a death grip and smashed his lips on mine.

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