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   Chapter 32 Become the Alpha

Possession By ktish7 Characters: 4259

Updated: 2020-01-19 00:16

Aster's POV

"Liam." I mumbled and stepped closer to him so he could feel my warmth. "Come to me now. Let's start a new life, baby."

He did not say anything aloud but his eyes started to turn dark, showing me that my powers and words were having the desired effect on him.

"You are married to me now, aren't you?" I begged and dropped my eyes close while falling forward in his chest. My hand stroked his bulge through his jeans. I could feel him getting hard by every passing second.

"Aster." Liam mumbled softly in a voice that deeply showed the guilt he was feeling in his chest, "I am so sorry."

Perking up to attention, I lifted my head up and looked at him in confusion, "Sorry..? For what?"

"I ruined your life didn't I?" he mumbled, "This marriage is literally a joke. A fucking joke that has ruined lives, that has ruined relationships, that has turned you and me into people that we do not even recognize. Look what shape you have taken in front of all despite of not being evil ever in your life and what I have turned into despite of hating every second of it all."

"I am what I am, Liam." I turned my head away and stated clearly, "Nobody has changed. No relationships are ruined."

Clenching my eyes shut for a couple of minutes, I turned my

mine and devour them hungrily. But I kept dodging him, kissing his cheek, and the side of his lips but never devouring the place that he wanted me to so desperately.

"Take me." I breathed, "Mark your claim, alpha."

His eyes turned completely yellow and I knew his wolf had taken the complete control over his body. As soon as the words fell out of my mouth, he growled like a beast and grabbed my waist harshly.

He flipped, taking me down under himself, roaring loudly. His clothes started to bulge, making him become more strong. His rippling muscles stretched and ripped the linen shirt on his body along with his jeans.

In the next second, he had gotten rid of all his clothes and all I could see was his rippling, bulging muscles along with his honey coloured skin shining underneath the silver moon light that illuminated the room.

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