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   Chapter 31 Empty Hearts

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"I am sorry." Rush murmured gently. His hands came up to touch my face. Worry and fury was covering every inch of his beautiful face.

"I should not have forced you to come here. I should not have forced you to come between all this. I should not... I should not have shifted and fought in front of you. You were so frightened, God!"

I could not deny any word that he was saying, because honestly all of them were true. I had never seeing a more terrifying sight than that in my entire life. I knew none of them would ever hurt me. But I also knew that I was not safe around them.

"It is alright, Rush." I assured him with a hint of smile.

He hesitantly smiled back at me. "Want to go back home, baby?"

I nodded my head and tried to slip out. But before I could put my neatly bandaged feet down on the ground, Rush was scooping me up in his arms.

"I can walk." I assured and tried to get off his arms but he did not let me.

"Yeah. And I can fly." He rolled his eyes teasingly.

I snickered at his words and quit my attempts. He started to carry me out while Aster stood nearby the door with her arms crossed below her chest, staring at us.

Just as we were about to walk out of the door, a hand shot out to grab Rush's arm.

"Where are you taking her?" Liam's tensed voice interrupted us. Looking up at him, I gave him a look that I would give to a complete stranger. Aloof and distant.

"Take your hand off!"Rush growled, "I am taking her home where she belongs. You can enjoy your castle."

Liam's jaw tightened in anger, "She

, Aster!" He gritted through clenched teeth and pulled his face out of my grasp while grabbing my arms to pull me smack against him, "I have already created this bond with Eva! I have already marked her as my mate. My scent is still lingering on her body. My heart is still aching for her."

His eyes were spitting fire but there was so much agony, so much turmoil in them, that I could not help but feel sorry. For him, and for myself. For what I was having to do and what I was going through.

"Then you should not have married me, damn it!" I let out the fire that was burning me from so many days, "You should not have put yours and my life in so much confusion if you were not going to commit fully to it!"

I stepped closer and slid my hand over his pants, to caress the massive bulge through his pants. His sexy breaths started to turn heavier with each stroke of my hand.

If niceness was not going to work, I am going to use my powers to make him fuck me.

Even if I have to cloud his vision and paint myself as Eva.

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