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   Chapter 29 Wrath of a Wolf

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"Hey.." I asked worriedly while I followed him, "where are we going?"

He did not respond. As soon as we were out, he opened the passenger seat and made me sit. And then he rounded the car to take the driver seat.

He started the car and in the next second we were driving down the street at the speed of over eighty. It was almost midnight and my worry was increasing with every passing minute. Rush's anger was scaring me.

After barely five minutes we came to a stop. He climbed out of the seat aggressively. His anger was scaring me.

He rounded the car to come to me but I was already fidgeting with the seat belt to take it off.

He opened my side of the door and started to push my fingers aside to open the seat belt.

"I will do it!" I snapped at him and pushed his hands aside.

As soon as his hands were off, I opened the clutch and pushed the seat belt away.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the car and slammed the door shut. Without locking the car we were storing forward.

I lifted up my head to see where we were going and my heart instantly started thudding hard in my chest.

We were at the pack house.

My steps instantly halted. I pulled at his grip on my hand, "I do not want to go inside." I pleaded.

"I can not leave you out here alone. You just saw what happened to our house. I am worried about your safety." He muttered without stopping and kept dragging me along with him.

I kept pulling at his hold on mine but he did not loosen it. I was scared and worried and utterly mortified. I was not ready to face them together yet. I was not ready to face Liam

dy was trembling and my hands were shaking. Both of the wolves were taking swipes at each other in an attempt to overpower the other. The floor had suddenly started to get covered in spilt blood.

"Stopstopstopstop..." I started repeating the words again and again. The anxiety and fear had hit me so hard that I lost control over my own self.

The only ones that I had left in my life to call my own were fighting in front of me viciously. I had never seen them turn into wolves.

Were they going to kill each other?

Was I going to see the death of more people that were left to call my own?

I was shivering badly. I stumbled on my feet. The slippers that I was wearing came off as I tripped over something hard.

My feet landed on glass but I was too shocked and afraid to feel any pain. I kept stumbling backwards while glass and pieces of small wood dug inside my feet more.

I could not breathe anymore. I was having an anxiety attack but Rush and Liam were too busy fighting to notice me.

As soon as my feet crossed the threshold of the room, I ran.

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