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   Chapter 27 A New Life

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One Week Later

Eva walked out of the main door. Rush was leaning against his car while talking to somebody.

He had promised to take her out on a date today. It was nearly six o'clock in the evening.

The past week had gone in a jiffy. With the unpacking of her things and most of the time, getting thoroughly fucked by the werewolf whose appetite for sex seemed to be unending, the days had been spent so fast that she had not even realized when the week ended.

Thankfully, she had not have to bear crossing a specific werewolf who should not be named in her presence.

She was not afraid of facing him. She just did not want things for her to get awkward so soon. She still needed time to adjust.

As soon as Rush saw her walking out in a tight, ankle length jeans and a cold shoulder, red top, he bid goodbye to the person and jogged towards her.

"You look ravishing." He said as soon as he was near her and bent down to kiss her.

"You will say this even when I am wearing nothing but a rag." She giggled.

"I would love to see you in a rag too." He mischievously winked as he walked her to the car with his arm around her waist, "the rag torn from just the right places and you in a dishevelled state."

She laughed out loud and her head dropped down in shyness.

Life seemed to be getting better. Even though there was a permanent scar covering her heart now.


Liam's POV

I watched from a distance as Eva got inside the car with Rush and drove away. Rush's eyes had met mine for a few seconds. Being a werewolf, his strong senses had alerted him of my presence.

But he did not say anything and I was thankful for it. Even if it was not about letting me have a moment of peace from seeing both of them. Even if it was because Rush did not want to ruin his personal time with Eva, he did not want to ruin her mood, I was glad that he did not confront me.

I did not have any answers. I did not have any str

as constantly butchered by my father's palm, each day, every second, just like this.

"But you smell like her." he sighed. I literally feel him shudder upon the touch of my skin against his lips. "You smell like her. Your skin.. your skin also taste like hers."

I gulped in fear. Not again.

I had been going through this torture from the age of nine. Just a year later than the death of my mom.

It was pain that filled me every time he touched me. It was anxiety and fear that slipped inside my veins and slithered to my heart bit by bit like poison.

"I.. I, " I started speaking. Wishing and praying that any excuse, any fucking reason would help me get out of the presence of the monster standing in front of me.

"I did my best. I swear."

"Then you must not have done enough." He snapped and grabbed my shoulders in a harsh grip while in the process, tearing down the leather jacket that I was wearing, exposing my upper body completely to the chilled air of the room except for the part that the bra was covering.

He continued, "And now, I am once again having to show you, without my damn will, how to be a fucking whore to a man. I have taught you this thousand of times."

I started backing away, frightened.

"But you never seem to learn." he said, and attacked me.

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