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   Chapter 26 New Home

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Her body instantly stiffened. She was not ready for it. She was not ready to face Liam and Aster together yet.

"You are joking, right?" She asked. Hoping and praying that it was, indeed, a joke or a horrifying dream.

Rush looked away. But then his eyes came back to Eva. He grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her face closer to his.

His eyes had closed shut, like he was in deep pain and the next words that were going to come out of his mouth were nearly excruciating even to him.

"It is the rule, Eva." He whispered, "we are mated to each other now. And mates live together. I can not live without you anymore as it hurts me every time I walk out of door of your home. It is getting harder for me to leave your side every day even if it is for just a few hours."

He paused to take in her hurt expressions. He knew that he was hurting her by revealing the pain that he was going through, but she needed to know the truth if he wanted her to come with him. There was no other way to reveal it to her gently.

He continued, "And if I left the pack, I do not think I will be able to survive. We wolves stay in packs. My strength will slowly get lesser and I will not be able to stay alive much longer withouy my pack's strength with me. There is also a chance that I will get killed by our pack enemies before we even get a chance to start a life together."

"Rush.." she did not need to say more. Her voice held nothing but denial.

He wished he had more power in his hands to change this. He wished he could give her more time to recover but there was nothing that he could do to

e." She slid her hands in his waist and smiled while putting her chin on his chest, looking lovingly up into his eyes.

"You hungry?" Her gaze turned mischievous.

Her mouth slipped sideways and she bit down on his nipple sharply through the t shirt that he was wearing, "Very." She giggled and sucked on the spot when he winced and moaned out her name.

"I am going to eat you raw!" He groaned loudly and picked her up before throwing her over his shoulder like a rag doll, "but before that, you need to eat something, you horny bitch!"

Eva started laughing loudly and wriggled in his grip. But suddenly Rush lifted up his hand and it landed on her behind hardly.

"Hey!" She exclaimed.

Rush caressed the spot that he had hit, and then hit her ass once again, making her wince and breath hard in arousal.

"First I am going to make you eat something." Rush said while pulling her down and making her sit on the island of the kitchen. His mouth came down to smash on Eva's, biting her lip harshly, "Then I am going to make you help me eat something."

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