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   Chapter 24 The Invitation

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Liam's POV

Everything had turned into a fucking mess. I had tried to manage everything. I had tried to keep Eva happy while making sure of keeping my desires hidden from her.

My desires for the alpha position and Aster, both.

I wanted to leave everything behind and go to her. I wanted to live with her without any obstacles in our life.

But the thing that was coming in the way of that was my deepest desire of becoming an alpha.

No matter how hard I had tried to bury it, it had surfaced back with twice as much force.

It was not that I had not tried to break my engagement with Aster and leave the benefit behind that came from marrying her.

I had tried a thousand times and I had failed every fucking time. My heart was torn into so many shreds that I had became confused and frustrated with the way that I was being forced to choose.

Separating Eva from me was next to impossible thing to do for me. But on the other hand I could not refuse Aster either.

The second I would go near Aster, my desires would come to surface so strongly that I would start to choke on my words.

So in the end, I had chosen the easiest way out.

I had decided to lie.


Two days later

"Has your cock been put down now or do you need to fuck her again for your obsession with her pussy to go away?"

My hands clenched into fists at Aster's words.

"Do not fucking talk about her like that." I warned.

"You are nothing to her. And right now you are walking down the aisle towards priest with me." Aster snickered, "Are you expecting your soon to be wife to respect your mistress?"

We stepped up. One of the bride mates helped Aster climb up the stairs to the stage where we were going to take our vows to be with each other for eternity.

My teeth clenched tight in anger at her words. It was definitely too much to ask that from her.

"I am tying myself to you for the rest of

as I that it is exactly what he is going to do."

"I need to give up on the hope of him returning to me." I whispered right before my eyes followed the direction where Liam was standing.

His eyes were stuck on me. Although Aster was standing right in front of him, he was watching me.

I instantly looked away. I did not want him to see me crying for him. I did not want him to see my pain. He had lost that right long ago.

"I do not want to even understand the way your mind is working right now." Rush put his one hand on the back of my head and pulled me into his chest, hiding me away from everyone in the room, "I am filled with so much hate for Liam right now that I want to murder him for abandoning you. For abandoning us."

I heard him sigh before he dropped his head in my neck, "I do not want to do something disastrous that is why I want to get out of here. But I can not leave you here alone."

"Thank you for being with me always, Rush." I whispered.

"I will always stay with you, love. No matter what." He muttered softly.

I could not help but doubt his words.

One wolf had left my side for the position of a king.

What were the chances of the other one staying beside me forever while his brother climbed up the stairs of greatness?

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