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   Chapter 21 Wrath of Fianceè

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Trio of them stood up instantly the moment they saw Aster. Eva's eyes went from Liam to Aster in confusion at her words.

"Get the fuck out of here!" Liam ordered strictly to Aster, and started wearing his clothes.

Eva and Rush too got dressed as Aster watched them shamelessly.

"I will not go anywhere." She replied calmly as she gazed at Liam's cock shamelessly while he tried to get decent, "I came here to meet my fiancée. To give him a nice surprise. Although you have managed to give me a surprise in return by having sex like a whore with a whore." Her eyes glided to Eva as she said the last words.

Once all of them were dressed, Eva came towards Aster. She grabbed Liam's hand in her own because she was scared of losing him now. She could not lose him now to Aster.

She stood beside him while her glaring eyes went to Aster, "You can not fuck with my mind anymore, Aster. I know what was between the both of you, between you and Liam."

Eva took in a shaking breath before speaking further, "You are a good person. When I saw you the first day, I did not see an evil girl. But Liam is going to stay with me, Aster. Your relationship with him is over."

Eva was feeling sympathetic towards Aster. She knew how it felt to get a heart broken

ld on to him until she was satisfied knowing he was going to pass out.

"This is what you get for raising your hand on me, you son of a bitch!" Aster muttered angrily as she finally removed her hand from Liam's throat and saw him coughing to take in the much needed breath with satisfaction.

She turned around to face Eva and marched ahead to her. Rush instantly went to stand beside Eva, but Aster did not do anything.

Instead she bent down to her waist a bit to put her face close to Eva's. With a satisfied, peachy look on her face she put her fingers lightly up on Eva's face and muttered lowly, "He lied to you. He left you. He came back and probably has lied to you again about breaking our engagement. He fucked you. Now he has marked you for life. It is going to be amazing to watch how much more forgiving you can be, Eva."

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