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   Chapter 20 It's Not Gonna Hurt

Possession By ktish7 Characters: 5001

Updated: 2019-11-11 19:50

The second they received Eva's approval, every control that Liam and Rush had in themselves for Eva, turned to dust.

They needed her. They needed to mate with her. And that is all that mattered to them in that moment.

Liam kept her hands captured over her head as he bent his head down and attacked her neck with wet kisses. His mouth trailed down in hunger to taste her skin.

Rush came up behind Liam and sat down just beside Eva's legs. Liam's hard, red cock was still out of the fly, now laying on Eva's stomach as he straddled her around the waist and showered her neck with kisses. Its veins were throbing, the blood rushing through them was increasing with every passing second.

Rush pushed Eva's dress up and pulled her panty off in a swift moment. The second her scent hit both of them, their wolves went mad in need.

Instantly Liam got off Eva's body and started shredding his clothes. Rush had already started doing so.

Rush finished first and got between Eva's legs. Shivering in need to take everything that belonged to Eva. He tore off Eva's dress, and in the next moment, his fingers went to her clit to rub.

The moment they did, Eva's lower body shot off the bed. Rush did not stop. He captured her lower body with his own body and kept rubbing her clit.

After a few seconds, his fingers found her entrance and started slamming into her repeatedly.

Her heavy breathing turned into a scream of pleasure. But before she could scream loudly, Liam came toward he

cry out as they took her over the edge.

Just as she cried out, she heard their growls. They both stilled as their cock sprayed their seed inside her.

When their breathing came into a little control and their hearts calmed down, Liam took Eva from Rush and took her with him toward the couch in his arms.

Liam sat on the couch and settled Eva on his lap. Rush came to sit right beside them.

They both exchanged a nod and before she could understand the meaning behind their nod, they both bent their heads on each side of her neck, and pierced it with their canines, marking her.

Making her their's.

Her eyes were clenched shut in pleasure when their lips and canines were marking her.

A feeling of pure ecstasy was running through her veins when she heard a creak of the door and in the next second an taunting but angry voice of a woman pierced through her haze, "Well...., I certainly did not expect to see my fiancé whoring around in his own office in the broad daylight!"

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