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   Chapter 19 It's Time

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Three Weeks Later

From the last couple of days Liam was in a foul mood, in fact, from the last couple of weeks.

Even though he had been trying to show everyone like nothing bothered him ever, he was getting unsuccessful in his every attempt.

Without knowing, he kept on snapping and barking at people every minute of every day. He was frustrated. Sexually and mentally.

Even though he had been trying his best to win Eva back, she had been hell bent on keeping him at arms length.

Although he knew that she was melting for him, he still needed to unbreak their relationship like it was before he had walked out on her and Rush.

"You still a douchebag?", Rush chuckled as he entered inside their office and went around the table to sit on the head chair.

Liam snatched the table lamp and instantly threw it at Rush. Rush, who was not prepared for the attack, took the hit straight to his head.

"Oww!" Rush groaned aloud in fake pain and snapped, "That hurt, bitch!"

"So did your words, asshole!" Liam snapped back to him.

He stomped towards Rush, grabbed his shoulders and pushed him forcefully on his knees in front of himself.

Instantly he opened his fly, grabbed Rush's head and stuffed his cock in Rush's mouth. He could not control the sexual need that was making him go mad in frustration.

Instead of pulling away, Rush grabbed Liam's ass in both of his hands and started sucking on Liam's cock hungrily.

"Gah.. oh god!" Liam croaked out as he fucked Rush's mouth ruth

o Eva, grabbed her arm and pushed her down on the couch in a laying position.

He grabbed her thighs in a harsh grip and ground his hot, hard cock on her pussy through her clothes. At first Eva thought about pushing him away, but then decided that he had already suffered enough.

She put her hand lovingly on his face and pulled his mouth in a hungry kiss. Liam was dying to kiss her since the day he had left her behind.

Just as her lips touched his, every control that he had inside him broke loose and he attacked her body with his kisses in a way that made it impossible for her to feel anything else.

With panted breath she tried to respond to him, to kiss him but he grabbed both of her hands and captured them over her head.

"I am sorry, Eva." He gritted out with clenched teeth as he pushed her dress up and pulled down her panty. "I can not wait baby, please."

Eva could not do much except nod her head in acceptance. Each of them had been teased enough.

It was time to mate.

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