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   Chapter 18 Unfulfilled Hunger

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"My home is you, Eva." Liam replied in a pained tone.

"I am pretty sure that was not the case when you had walked out of here a few days ago in your 'I- do not -give- a- damn- alpha -throne- fuck' attitude." Rush said while coming to stand behind Eva and pulling her in his arms.

Liam's eyes flashed to Rush angrily.

"I came here because I love Eva as much as you do." Liam's gaze dropped back to Eva and continued, "You know I am kind of an idiot in making life changing decisions."

"You are not an idiot in making life changing decisions, you are a complete idiot."

Rush kept doing all the talking for Eva's part and started kissing her randomly on lips, neck, shoulder.

His hands travelled from her breasts to over her stomach. They started roaming all over her forbidden parts.

She knew what Rush was doing. He was trying to make Liam burn in jealousy. Making him see what he had been missing.

She was more than happy to be a part of that plan. After all, what Liam had done, it was necessary to make him see that both of them were happy on their own, even if that was just for the show.

And boy, did that make Liam unhappy.

Hands clenched into fists, jaw clenched in anger, Liam took a threatening step towards Rush.

But before he could do anything she moved to cover Rush completely.

"What he said is not false alright." She said with all the anger and pain that she had buried deep in her heart when he had walked out on her, "You did what you wanted. You got what you wanted. There is no reason for you to come here. Unlike you, I do not like cheating on my fiancée."

Those words seemed to cut him deep. And she wanted to feel remorse over the fact that she felt happy over the fact that her words caused pain to him.

Because that meant that he w

s plan so he turned his head to the other side.

Liam's patience ran out. "What the fuck is wrong with you two?" He growled angrily, still feeling horny as fuck.

Eva's giggle came on Rush's cock as he too chuckled. But when the vibration of her giggle he felt on his cock, his chuckle turned into a groan.

When Liam did not get his answer, he again tried to get some attention on his cock, but Rush and Eva, both were adamant as they kept dodging his every attempt.

"What the fuck is wrong with you guys?" He finally snapped.

"Dude, don't you get it?" Rush growled as he felt on the edge of orgasm. He grabbed Eva's head and took over the control by bucking his hips and fucking her mouth repeatedly.

"She is punishing you for leaving us on our own for so many days. And I am.. well, helping her."

His last words came out in a guttural tone as his hands pulled Eva's head up to shoot his load on her breasts. His breathing turned ragged, his hips arched up again and again as he tried to breath in between the pleasurable spasms.

Liam gritted his teeth angrily. "I already apologised for that, you know."

He stood up and stomped away from there to take a cold shower.

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