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   Chapter 17 Come Back Home

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Rush slipped his hand under Eva's nightshirt from behind. They had gotten home just a few hours ago.

After having dinner and hanging out for a bit, they came to bed. But sleep was definitely not a friend of them nowadays. Even though there was no uncomfortable moment between them but still they felt the loss.

The loss of someone very special to them.

He was going to kill his brother for what he has been making them go through.

He knew Liam is stubborn and hot -headed, but Rush had thought that it would be just a matter of time before Liam comes back to his senses. Actually Rush was surprised that he had not already.

What the fuck was taking Liam so long?

Rush's thoughts came to a halt when Eva stirred and turned away from him.

He could not help himself anymore. He needed to feel her, touch her. There was only one thing that soothed his and her's heart all these days without Liam, and that was being able to love each other.

And with his stupid brother gone, it was valid that he had double the mount of moments of love with Eva, so as to tease Liam later about what he had been missing when he comes back.

Rush's hand which was resting on her stomach, slipped up and started roaming on her soft flesh.

Eva came awake to a hard thigh wedged between her legs and to a hot, rough palm roaming underneath her nightshirt, skimming the soft flesh of her stomach.

Rush's arm held her so close to him that she could barely breathe.

"I love you, " he whispered tenderly before he slid his hand inside her bra and cupped her breast in his palm.

Eva hissed in pleasure as his w

concern were, "What happened to you?"

Liam did not say anything. Just kept on gazing at her.

After a moment or two just as his body came into action, he moved forward and before she could even blink, she was in his arms, getting hugged so tightly, she could barely take in a breath.

Her concern over him broke every thought of fighting him or making him beg.

Her hand rose up instinctively and went to his nape to hold him close to her. She could feel him breathing heavily, his body shaking uncontrollably.

"I missed you so damn much." He whispered in her neck.

"Me too." She said back.

His hands tightened more around her, if that was even possible.

After some moments, she broke the hug. Rush moved to hug Liam. Liam returned the favour with just as much anthusiasm.

Those moments were long enough for her to come back to her senses and shake the shock of seeing Liam in front of her after so many days.

"So why are you here?" She asked just as Liam and Rush broke the hug, "I am sure you have a very worried fiancè in your hands back home."

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