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   Chapter 16 Magic of Love

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He hesitated, Eva saw it clearly.

He struggled so hard to choose between the two most important wishes of his life. But eventually he had to choose one of them and he did.

He chose the throne.

It hurt. Bad.

It hurt her so damn much that she stopped breathing for a few minutes when he gave her that full of longing and pain filled look before walking out of her apartment.

But she could not cry. Not for the person who chose his position and own selfish need over his life partner.

From what she understood till now from the both of them about wolves, they mate for life and their life is awfully long.

When he is ready to just throw away that gift of nature just to become an alpha, fuck tears, she would not even give a second glance to him now.

Seven Days Later


"Come on, let me come with you today." Rush whispered in Eva's ear as he hugged her from behind in the lift on the way to the office.

She shuddered a little. It had become a habit of Rush now a days to torture her a little before sending her to her office.

And she could feel that behind all the pleasurable torture that he made her go through, he hid the worry. He knew she was still reeling from the pain but he was making damn sure that not even a little bit of problem touches her now.

"You know you can not. Stop asking." She replied with a little smile when he started dropping little kisses on her neck.

He fussed a little more when the li

ed and Aster came out of there in a tiny towel wrapped around her damp body. The towel was barely covering her heavy bosom and hips.

But he did not feel anything for her in that moment. No sexual desire, no increased heartbeats that he always gets whenever he is around Eva. Nothing.

"Liam?" Aster's startled voice broke his reverie.

He turned around quickly and said, "Uh.. sorry. Sorry. I needed to talk to you about something. I will come by later."

But just as he took a step forward, with the speed of lightning she was in front of him, blocking his way.

"Why not now?" She whispered sultarily.

She touched his cheek tenderly and said, "It seems like the perfect timing to me."

And in that exact moment he felt like every blood cell in his body has melted into sexual desire and settled into his groin.

A passion so hot burned through him that in that moment he wanted nothing more than to please and pleasure the woman standing in front of him.

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