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   Chapter 14 Guilty

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Her throat got choked with unshed tears of pain and shock.

The man, who was offering an engagement ring to her less than an hour ago, was already going to marry someone else?

Was he making a fool of her?

Were they both just playing with her heart?

Unknown horrifying assumptions were taking a toll on her head.

As her mind spun, her heart thudded hard inside her chest, she restrained herself from spilling even one tear from her eyes in front of the ladies standing in front of her. She gave a shaking smile to them.

She could not let herself appear so much weak in front of these people. She could not cry in front of them.

Being an orphan since birth, she knew how to do just that. How to control her emotions in front of strange people.

There were many people in the world who would not think even once before taking advantage of a weakling.

But she could get the hell out of there.

Out of this hell house and far, far away from those lying, fucking bastards.

"I.. uh.. Actually, I need to go." She said while looking towards the main door to avoid eye contact with them.

Her eyes were hurting. She wanted to cry. Desperately.

And before they could answer her or say anything else, she dashed out of there. She heard Aster calling out from behind her, "Our driver is standing outside. He will drop you where's you want to go."

"Thanks." She forced the words out of her mouth and increased her pace and did not stop until she was sitting in the car.


re they could reach within touching distance of her she snapped angrily, "Do not fucking come near me."

"Baby." Rush's breath was ragged.

Both of them were looking at the wound on her hand. The wound had now started to make a puddle of blood on the ground.

"Let's get your hand bandaged first and then talk about it, okay." Liam said in a shakily calm tone.

The bloodied hand was her's but the expressions on their faces screamed that it was paining them more.

"I do not want to talk to liars like you." She whimpered.

"Just. Let us. Take. Care. Of you!" Liam said through clenched teeth.

"Are you engaged to Aster or not." Eva asked.

"Hear me o..."

Liam started saying but before he could finish she asked in an enraged tone once again, "Are you or are you not?"

He started into her eyes for so long that she started thinking he was not going to answer her. But then he said, "I am."

This time the target of her bloodied fist was Liam's face instead of the wall.

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