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   Chapter 13 Fiancè

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This was the second time that Eva had come to the pack house.

The first time she had barely left the room that Liam and Rush had kept her into but this time, Rush and Liam left her in the hall and rushed immediately to get somewhere.

Some men were talking in a hushed tone but she was able to hear bits and pieces of their conversation about a fight between their and some other pack's alpha.

She walked for some time around the hall to take in the beauty of the house. The golden and white coloured Interior was giving an absolutely gorgeous and royal look to the whole place.

But then she got tired and went to sit on the couch. There were some o

turned the favour by shaking her hand, "Hi, I am Eva."

"Do you work with Liam and Rush, Eva?" Aster asked while giving her a small smile.

Eva did nor know what to say so she replied awkwardly, "Uh.. yeah, sort of."

"Oh, you do not need to hide anything from her." Suddenly a pretty woman came up to Aster and announced to Eva, "After all, she is Liam's fiancé."

That is when Eva felt like the sky broke and fell down on her.

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