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   Chapter 12 Surprise

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Eva stumbled on her feet just as her gaze landed upon the gorgeous yacht in front of her.

Rush and Liam had brought her here saying they wanted her to see something special.

And it was indeed, something very special because just as her gaze slowly came down to the name that was written in big, metal letters on the side of the yacht, she felt like her breath had gotten stuck in her throat.

There was 'Eva' written on it in big, beautiful letters.

"Oh fuck." She whispered.

She did not say fuck very often but this moment was the biggest 'fuck' moment of her life.

And before she could express anymore hysterical surprising faces Rush grabbed her hand.

She exclaimed, "Jeez, what the hell?"

But instead of stopping, Rush started dragging her inside the yacht.

Not surprisingly, the yacht was just as beautiful from inside as it was from the outside. The interior was in creamy white and chocolaty color, and the vibe, so peaceful and pretty.

But before she could dwell upon the beauty of the yacht she was pulled inside a beautiful bedroom that was in the back.

As soon as they were inside, Rush left her hand and went towards a big tv like screen.

Eva looked at him in confusion while suddenly Liam pulled her in his embrace and smashed his mouth on hers hungrily.

She moaned low in h

d to go right now." Liam continued, "That is emergency ringtone of our pack. There is seriously something very wrong there. But we will make it up to you."

Till then Rush had finished talking on the phone and he also came to her and said while grabbing her hands, "We can not explain in words how much painful it is for us to leave right now."

Eva could clearly see the feeling of fear and tension that had clouded their faces. How could she be upset in that situation when the love of her life were so tensed?

"Don't worry both of you."

She said while standing on her tiptoes and kissing them lovingly one by one, "I may not have a family but I know the importance of one."

Both of them smiled gratefully.

"We need to take her to the pack house with us, " Rush said to Liam, "We can not leave her here."

Liam nodded and they immediately headed to their car.

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