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   Chapter 11 Better Days

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"What was that all about?" Rush asked Liam once they were in the privacy of their office.

"I do not know man, " Liam said while pushing his hand through his hairs in stress, "I got a bit scared when I saw her there. We just got Eva in our life. I could not help but shudder at the thought of Eva meeting her and getting to know what I am to her. I told her I would meet her at the pack house. But she.."

"Wa.. wait a minute." Rush interrupted him. "Are you telling me that you have not told her about Eva till now?"

Liam gave a guilty look to Rush.

"Are you even planning to tell her or not, Liam?" Rush blasted in anger.

"I do not know, alright!" Liam said angrily. "I do not fucking know. Let's just focus on Eva for now."


"Shut up." Liam stopped Rush before he could say anything else. Rush threw his hands up in exasperation.


One month  Later

Eva bid goodbye to her boss and went towards the lift.

To her amazement, the lift stopped instantly just as she pressed the call button.

When she lifted her eyes to enter the lift, she saw Liam and Rush standing in the back through the crow

the way to invite the necessarily bitchy looks. So she straight out told them a no.

When finally the people in the crowded lift exited on the next floor, she scurried backwards slowly and stopped when she was standing between both of them.

"How was your day?" Liam asked softly while snaking his hand in her waist.

"Tiering." She replied softly.

The whole day had been so busy. She had kept on working and working. It was actually a relief when the office hours had gotten over.

And the thought of seeing them again had filled her heart with happiness.

Rush put his hand on the side of her face and caressed softly, while Liam embraced her completely in his arms.

"Don't worry." Rush murmured softly, "We are here to make it better."

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