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   Chapter 10 Woman in Black

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Both of them chuckled at my words. But thankfully, decided to comply with my words.

"Liam." Someone called out right before I could put my feet inside the car.

All three of us turned back to look at the source of the voice.

There was a woman standing at the side of the road. She was dressed in a black, low waist, skin tight jeans and beautiful, cropped, black croatia top.

Her skin was glowing under the shining sun. Although there was barely any makeup on her face, I had never seen a girl more beautiful than her.

And the word which could ever correctly describe her was 'hot'.

If I were a lesbian, I would definitely have creamed my pants right then.

Her eyes behind the goggles were trained on Liam only. My eyes darted towards Liam. His face was completely expressionless but his clenched fist was an indication of recognition and unhappiness upon seeing her.

"Come on." Rush grabbed my waist and tried to usher me inside the car.

I entered the car without a word. Rush came to the driver seat and turned on the engine of the car.

"What about Liam?" I asked.

"He will come on his own. He has some business to attend to."

We drove off.

"Who was that woman?" I asked hesitantly after a couple of minutes.

Rush's eyes turned to me. He stayed quiet for so long I thought he was never going to respond.

But then he replied, "No one important that you should worry about, sweetheart."

By the look on their faces upon seeing her just a few minutes ago, I doubted Rush's words.

Rush and I walked through the doors of the office building. Just as we were going to enter the lift, a hand g

ing my neck.

"Yeah, we would feel at peace if you were in front of our eyes the whole day." Rush said while smoothing my hair back softly and trying to look innocent while roaming the tips of his fingers on the inappropriate parts of my body.

"Uhhunnnhhh, " I mumbled slowly as I secretly inched towards the key that was stopping the lift and pulled it out. It started going up immediately.

"That way, " she said while laughing at their groaning tone, "I will be working more as your sex slave than an interior designer."

"We would not mind that." Rush said while smooching me playfully. Liam pushed at Rush's shoulder as he took Rush's place and started smooching me nonstop.

"Then both of you will get bored of me very soon." I giggled and pulled away from the attacking smooches at the exact time as the lift came to a halt at my office floor.

"Stop day dreaming, love, " Liam growled lowly while spanking my ass playfully.

I turned around to give them a fake enraged look while stepping out of the lift but seeing the happy smiles on their faces melted my heart.

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