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   Chapter 9 Magic

Possession By ktish7 Characters: 5464

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I woke up with a start. There were sudden, scary, multiple sounds of banging.

Then I heard some quick shuffling and a couple of whispering noises.

Who the hell was roaming inside my house at Six Thirty in the freaking morning?

I grabbed the bedside lamp and shuffled towards the hall. I was scared to death but who the hell was here to help me except... well, me?

I roamed my eyes around in every nook and corner of the hall room like a hawk. Eyes squinted, lips pursed, nose scrunched up in concentration and all. Full on police action mode.

There was no one?

But when the whispering noise came again, it did not come from inside the room. It was coming from the kitchen.

I tiptoed towards the kitchen as quitely as my bare feet could walk on the slightly squeaky floor board.

I managed to reach the kitchen. Then I bent forward to lean against the door and just as I was about to open and enter inside, I heard a person whisper shouting, "Stop fucking banging all these things around so loudly, you fucking idiot! You planning on to awaken the whole fucking building or what?"

And suddenly the door opened and like a quick reflex of my body, my hand flew up to bang the person's head with the lamp.

But it was grabbed at the right time and I was standing there face to face with Rush.

I blinked my eyes like an idiot for a couple of times to clear my head.

"What the hell?" These words were the only one that I would even have expected to come out of my mouth in that moment.

Liam came out of the kitchen, completely covered in flour and egg yolk and whatever the hell that was in my kitchen.


then like some magic being casted over me, I started to relax. It felt likd this kiss was the best feeling in the whole wide world.

Just as I felt breathless he pulled away and smirked.

"What about me sweetheart?" I heard Rush's voice from behind me. Even before I could reply, he grabbed me by my waist, flipped me around and his lips were on mine.

My body just clung on to him for my dear life as his lips devoured and licked mine. I did not even protest. The soft strokes of his lips and tongue felt too pleasurable to reject.

My cheeks turned red when I realised that I was getting turned on so badly in the middle of the street.

When finally he left me, I was panting heavily and my whole face was completely red in shyness and well... sexual need.

When I lifted my eyelids, both of those idiots were smirking at me naughtily.

What was even left there to say? I had enjoyed every freaking second of their kisses.

Not managing to find any excuse to lash out at them, I pouted and opened the car door to enter inside.

"I am getting late. Hurry up." I snapped.

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