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   Chapter 8 Unofficial Husbands

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Updated: 2019-10-24 06:02

"What the fuck?" She gasped loudly as she staggered back a little in horror.

Her eyes were just stuck on the scene in front of her. And in the next second, she saw that all the wolves had stopped moving all together.

Their intimidating gaze landed on her. Scary and intruding. Digging holes through her soul.

Her heart started thudding hard in fear.

And then like a fantasy movie, their bodies started turning and snapping. Loud sound of bones cracking and breaking could be heard like a loud echo. Their shapes started changing and then suddenly they had turned into human.

A boy with the looks of complete hottie and eight pack abs came close to her. He smiled while asking and flicking his gaze between Rush and Liam, "And who is this beautiful woman roaming in the land of wolves, boys?"

His hand extended to touch Eva's arm with a soothing friendly look on his face but before he could touch her, Rush grabbed his hand.

"Do not touch her." Rush said while coming in front of her while Liam grabbed her by the waist and pulled her aside.

Rush was calm as water but the warning in his tone was strict like a stone wa

while he pulled her face closer to his by her neck, "Everything is here. Your life is here. It is like we are unofficially married now. If you want, we can marry right now."

Her eyes literally widened to the size of soccer balls.

"You are scaring her you idiot." Liam snapped at Rush from behind and before he could say anything else, she started speaking in a worried tone, "Okay.. look guys, you do not expect me to take all of this info inside my head like some kind of computer data right? I mean husband?"

They gave a look to her.

"Okay.. I mean husbands? Yeah.. so just drop me at my home right now and we will see about everything later. Right now just Drop. Me. Home!"

Liam and Rush looked at each other but then complied to her wish.

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