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   Chapter 7 Menacing Wolves

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When finally he was out of there she locked the door, did the business and then started brushing her teeth while thinking about last night. She remembered clearly that she was drunk and aroused when both of them had  grabbed her. And she was nearly dripping like an waterfall when they had touched her.

And then tried to think the reason of her fainting and it did not take much effort to come to the conclusion that it was an obvious reaction of her mind because of suddenly getting what she was dreaming of day and night.

She was feeling aroused from the day she had met them. Dreaming about them touching her day and night, and it felt so real the night before yesterday when she was sleeping.

Even right now she was dripping at the thought. Guess she was turning into a nymphomaniac.

She shook her head in annoyance and completed brushing and washing her face with water. She grabbed her hairs and tied them in a messy knot.

What the hell has she gotten herself into?

Just as she opened the door she heard both of them fighting in low voices.

Liam was hissing, "We should definitely tell her right now. We we will never get better chance than this one."

And then Rush replied, "But what if she ran away? It is too early, you idiot."

Suddenly Rush's eyes snapped back to washroom door as she came out. What the hell were they talking about?

Rush came towar

ound there and all of them were so beautiful that it was looking like a fashion show.

They walked towards the biggest house around the whole area. They entered it but did not wait to see or sit, they led her straight towards the backyard of the house. There were many people walking, sitting, laughing around there. It was looking like a whole colony of a big happy family.

When they reached at end of the house, there was a door which opened in the backyard. Both of them stopped there and Liam said in a strained tone, "Please do not freak out, okay? Just take a deep breath and take in the scene. We will make you understand it."

She nodded her head comprehensively. What was making them so tensed?

He opened the door and they walked out. And that is when her throat turned dry and all the colour left her face.

There were wolves. Big, menacing, dangerously angry looking wolves fighting with each other.

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