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   Chapter 6 New Surroundings

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Her eyes opened slowly to avoid the flashing sun light. It was too bright. When she finally was able to open them she looked around while her hand flew up to her forehead to ease the headache.

And that is when she shot up from the bed and sat straight. This wasn not her home.

The door opened and Liam walked in. Behind him was Rush with a plate of breakfast in his hands.

Her eyes scrunched shut as the flashback of last night came in her head as a migraine.

Just as they sat beside her on the bed, she flew away from the bed and tried to run out of the door but before she could even touch it, she was grabbed by her waist by Rush and no matter how much she struggled, his hold was like an iron grip around her.

"Let me goooo!!!" She screeched while struggling harder against the hold. Liam just sat on the bed with an amused look on his face.

"You wanna go out like this?" Rush whispered in her ear while indicating downwards towards her body.

And that's when she barely controlled herself from fainting once again. She was wearing only a shirt and her panty.

Rush's hold loosened on her and she ran towards bed to grab the sheets in a vain attempt to cover herself.

coming to sit on the other side of her, "We will start having you for our breakfast."

She shot out of the bed immediately. Her eyes were bulging out of her head at their bluntness. Where were the sophisticated, gentle men that she had met just a day ago?

"I need to brush my teeth first." She replied while avoiding their eyes and also Liam's last line.

Liam stood up, grabbed her hand and led her towards the bathroom door. She stood like a statue in the bathroom when he opened drawers, pulled out a fresh brush, put paste on it and then handed it to her. She took it silently from his hand and waited for him to go out of there.

When he did not make any attempt to do so, she raised her eyebrows at him. He did the same action.

"Get out." She snapped.

He started laughing.

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