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   Chapter 5 Raw and Starving

Possession By ktish7 Characters: 4499

Updated: 2019-10-20 10:37

They followed them. In the bar they noticed that the man with Eva was gay and Sam's partner. They blew out a sigh in relief and threw five shots straight down their throat.

Then they saw her dancing and laughing and enjoying herself. Though they hated the male attention that she was receiving but they needed to get her alone before telling her the truth instead of exposing themselves in jealousy. Though they loved the happiness on her face at that time. Dearly.

Now they were here. Standing beside their car and watching her every move. They had decided to meet her at her home when she reaches there and then telling her.

But then they saw her actions. Watched as her eyes closed shut and her hand unconsciously lifted up and started rubbing soft, whispering light circles on her neck. They could smell her heady arousal from where they were standing a few feet away from her.

And that was it for them. Every little blood cell in their body bursted in wild hunger. Hot lust and starving arousal.

In the next second, they were moving forward towards her. They grabbed her and pulled her in a silent alley just beside the bar. It was all done in their werewolf speed so she did not even realize what had happened.

Her eyes flashed open and a scared look took over her face. It was so fast that Eva thought her head had just spun

d not have power in him to control himself anymore. He directly attacked her.

His hand slipped down to the ham of her dress and slipped in, sliding up her thigh and over the place that hid her treasure spot from the world.

Sliding her panty aside, his hand slipped in, and caressed her soft skin lightly, savoring each moment of it.

A low moan left Eva's lips despite of forcing herself to keep control of her body. Her whole body was tingling and trembling badly.

"You like this don't you, baby." Liam whispered softly in her ear, "Are you enjoying our touch?"

She could not reply. Rush's light touch was making her want to run away but then stay in the exact same place at the same time.

As soon as the moan left her lips, Rush growled in satisfaction and his fingers dipped in between those soft petals, massaging her clit in circular motion.

And that is when she fainted.

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