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   Chapter 50 Peace

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Amber stared at the man sleeping peacefully beside her.

Life wasn't as complicated as man made it. Sometimes a person was just bound by the chains of his longings, resentment and pain to see what always has been in front of him.

When fate took something from a person, the person was always blessed with something more but it seemed like the pain of losing was too big to grab on to the happiness offered to him.

A person always remember what he lost instead of cherishing the things he still has.

Amber was that person~

She was blessed with a Goddess to show her the right path, a mate, a father, a mother, friends who were like a family, allys who were ready to protect her no matter what. She had people who trusted her with their loyalties. And above them all, she had a baby coming her way.

If she counted all these blessings on her fingers, they really dull out the pain of her past. The pain she had endured in the past had shaped her into the woman she was today.

Amber stroked the dark circles below Darach's eyes with her finger. His long lashes were casting a shadow over his cheek. He didn't even stir when she touched him. It must be the first time he was sleeping peacefully in months.

Laying there in the protection of Darach's arms Amber's chest tightened~ He was holding her as if he was afraid that she was going to fade away. She felt at peace in his embrace.

Her powers had made him endure so much pain. Amber pressed her lips to his lips gently.

It was all her fault~

If she hadn't been so blinded by her pain then she hadn't made Darach go through her past. She didn't know that his beast had grieved for her pain. He had wailed for the sufferings his mate had endured.

Closing her eyes Amber leaned away from her mate.

She had to find a way to release him. She had no idea

ned to end Emmeline's life.

Emmeline peered in Martha's eyes and strangely she did not see her death. What she was witnessing was a way out.

A way out of all her regrets and pain. A way out of the shames of her deeds. A way to escape her demons.

She had nothing left to lose all she ever cared for was already lost. Her daughter hated her guts and her mate didn't even spare her a single glance.

Emmeline's eyes shined with unshed tears as she smiled up at the witch just like Charlie had smiled at Emmeline before dying.

It was all going to end just the way it started.


Emmeline was so close to peace. She panted beneath the witch but not in fear but anticipation.

Centuries ago this was a way out for Charlie and after centuries it was a way out for Emmeline. Now Emmeline knew why Charlie had smiled at her before her soul left her body.

She was not mocking Emmeline or making fun of her. Charlie was just happy to find peace but her finding peace had destroyed a lot of lives.

She had chosen an easy escape but her cowardly and selfish escape had made others go through hell. And now Emmeline was following her path. She knew it was wrong, but she was too selfish to back out.

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